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In order to publish your work we need five things from you:

1) Your manuscript
There is no set recommended genre, writing style or length.  We are happy to receive all kinds of manuscripts.

We publish home study courses, manuals, training courses, memoirs, autobiographies, fiction, non fiction, poetry, plays, film scripts, colour books, lyric books, self help books, anthologies and collections of short stories and more.

2) A 100 word mental health biography
This should include your mental health experience; whether that be a first hand experience of a mental health condition or from a role as a carer or family member of somebody who has been mentally unwell. This will help us to promote your book on our website.

3) A Synopsis of your book
This can be between 50 and 200 words and should not tell every detail of your story but information regarding the general themes, characters and some information to set the scene.

4) Your promotion guide
Please provide a 500 word promotion guide showing your commitment to the direct marketing of your book. Chipmunka will promote your product but the best advocate is always the author and Chipmunka is always focused on growing the brand in order to serve the client better.

5)Your book cover image
We also request, if possible, 1 image that you would like to use to be part of the cover, this can be a picture of yourself or a picture you own, made or have permission to use for free. This image should be a jpeg. Chipmunka will design your cover so please ensure your image does not have the title of the book or the author’s name on it.

Once you have emailed these all together to
We will review your manuscript and reply as soon as possible notifying you as to whether we will be publishing your work.