‘We need to build on the great work that social entrepreneurs like Jason Pegler are doing’
David Cameron – Former UK Prime Minister

‘Jason Pegler is inspirational to a great many people in the UK service user movement. I am amazed how he does it ‘
Paul Farmer – Chief Executive of Mind

“I am often asked about mental health books. A great resource is Chipmunkapublishing”.
Stephen Fry

‘It is you putting your faith in me and publishing my book that first set me on the road to recovery. That is priceless’
David Stocks – RADAR, Empowerment Manager

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‘With his spot-on values, hard work and with entrepreneurial skills very evident, Jason has carved out a prominent role for himself in the mental health service user/survivor movement. His publishing house broke new ground when it was launched, airing user and carer stories that need to be heard, but had no outlet until Chipmunka came along. The quality of Chipmunka’s output cannot be faulted, nor can the power of the tales told, but none of the material would have emerged and proved so moving without Jason’s achievements.’
Alisdair Cameron – Coordinator of Launchpad

‘The positive way in which people have reacted to my book has boosted my self-esteem and empowered me. It’s really pleasing to know that so many people are interested in hearing about my experiences of illness and recovery, and value what i have to say, it has confirmed to me that i have knowledge and skills that i can use to help other people, by supporting them, advocating on their behalf and hopefully empowering them – and being able to empower another human being is, of course, a very empowering thing.”
Jason Tune author of Sex Drugs and Northern Soul

” It’s great the work that you have done in mental health”

Dame Kelly Holmes – Double Olympic Gold Medallist

“Keep up the inspirational work that you are doing”

Boris Johnson – UK Prime Minister 

“Jason Pegler is a decent bloke that publishes mental health books.”

Neville Southall – Footballer 

“I admire the work that you do”

David Hemery -Olympic Champion

‘It’s very impressive what you’ve done to help people”.

Brian Jacks – Superstars Champion And Olympic Judo Medallist 

“Andrew and Jason have been great in helping me publish my book”

George Christopher Wilson – Ziggy Grange Hill 

‘I hope your all ok and feeling good, It’s Denny Reader here one of your published authors. I am working on my second book with you, and I just want to say a massive thank you again for the help getting published with you has given me. Many old friends and family members now see me in a much more respectful and kind way, and the feedback from the public in my local town has been great too! Which is why I want to spread the Chipmunka message much further for others who could be helped and recognised like I have been.’
Denny Reader author of Inside The Outisde

‘Without this avenue at Chipmunka, I may not have been able to achieve my dream of becoming a published author. Because you have believed in me, and I have seen the printed word, I have been motivated to continue my writing, both in rhyme and in prose.’
Damien  Pragnell, Chipmunka Author

‘It has been a privilege being involved with Chipmunka – such an important venture.’
Mark Fleming, Former Chipmunka Author

‘Jason, Will, Andrew, You’re all just wonderful. I feel like Chipmunka gives that chance for personal renaissance. Speak and then you know what it is you want to say, Let your pen walk across the page.. you never know where it will take you.
I can’t begin to tell you the feeling when I held ‘Bring Down the Moon’ for the first time, it felt like you were all holding lamps up high to illuminate the path and make things easier for me on the way.
I can’t thank you enough not just for my experience of it all…I love the way from the early moments you are told when someone will be back in touch and that is when it happens so that you start to grow in trust. 
Congratulations on such inspiration, foresight and wisdom, in setting up the new concept. So brilliant to have created a safe place to be heard.’
Eva Le Bon author of Bring Down The Moon

‘I want to let you know now that you have made my dreams into reality, given me meaning, and you may have ultimately saved my life. I hope that you have a lovely Christmas break, a prosperous year in 2014, and that you keep doing what you do best – helping people become the authors they have always wanted to be!  Thank you, and best wishes’
Richard M Clements, Chipmunka author

‘I want to teach English to students and I am now confident because I have eight books published. That did not happen over night. It happened gradually like an awakening, like a dream that would open and close and wounds would be healed and of course this happened because Jason and people like Jason were and are still there’.
Fatma Durmush author of 8 Chipmunkapublishing titles

‘Jason took my unusual predicament, in his stride, and offered much more than just a very good publishing service. He enabled me to help others being dragged along a similar path. After publishing A Cry For Help he worked tirelessly to provide me with a network of opportunities to promote my work, thus helping to raise OCD awareness. Initially, extremely nervous, I was surprised by the positive feedback due to Jason’s campaign. An article in ‘That’s Life’ magazine and the Local Newspaper inspired a number of people, totally uneducated regarding OCD, to purchase my accounts and fathom my actions. Local people started to grasp the realities of OCD. The attitude of condemnation was very gradually replaced, in many cases, by sympathetic understanding. Jason, while providing a rock of support, toiled to widen the net of opportunity. National Newspapers and television programs climbed aboard. The Trisha Goddard Show gave me a greater platform to discuss OCD. Encouraged by Jason, I strived to help people understand the condition and, where needed, seek professional help. I had an issue with my ‘intrusive thoughts’, feeling embarrassed and totally isolated, opting to go to jail rather than admit to having them’.
Stephen Drake – author of A Cry For Help

‘When I submitted the final version to Jason Pegler, the CEO of CHIPMUNKA, I was impressed by his belief in me when he agreed to publish my work. He, and Paul Kirven and Andrew Latchford supported me throughout the publishing process, from initial e-book to the current paperback edition. The necessity of the use of the Internet gave me a newfound confidence, and the contact aided presentation and promotion. What was initially a potential source of anxiety, became a time of evolving into a forward thinking, creative person. The whole ethos of CHIPMUNKA really does ‘empower’ those individuals who are faced with the challenges of mental disorder. Through their dedication I was encouraged by the whole enterprise’. Robert Bayley author of Lives Within A Life

‘I found writing therapeutic, and that my books can help others was always foremost in my mind. The hope that my experiences would give hope to parents that were faced with the same outlook that I was given, that my child would never walk or talk, she is now running and chatting non stop, is reward enough for me. As I had also lost a child in tragic circumstances I included a chapter about my son Jonathan, who had died when an unsafe football goalpost fell on him and killed him. Since Jonathan had died I have campaigned to highlight the dangers of unsafe football goals eventually putting all the details of my campaign into my second book. I am now achieving far more awareness from my second book A Football Goalpost Killed My Son. The media have followed my campaign which has helped me to reach a wide audience through my books. I have had television and radio interviews and also been put forward for awards, all because I have been given the chance by Chipmunkapublishing to have my work published. When I had my books published, it gave me such joy, also fulfilment in what I had achieved. I have made contacts world wide, especially since my second book has been published and I am still fighting to achieve legislation for safer football goalposts but now I feel I am not on my in my campaign’.
Brenda Smith author of A Football Goalpost Killed My Son

‘Seeing my book published has strengthened my resolve to carry on raising awareness of mental illness and help to reduce the associated stigma’.
Judith Haire author of Don’t Mind Me

‘Jason, I would like to thank you for putting my work out there in the publishing world. Writing my 3 books really was something I felt compelled to do. After writing one – my story – I went straight on to doing some research about mental health promotion, seeing that as the way forward when you have suffered mental health difficulties. I sent you my manuscript and you amazingly published it. Inspired, I then went on to write my third book which is about overcoming depression. I had 3 e-books out, now 3 published books. I have had two book launches, one in the local hospital and one on the travelling bus advertising mental health promotion. Also, there have been a couple of articles in the local paper to which I have contributed, about my experiences of depression, and I was interviewed about a mother/daughter relationship when the mother has had mental health difficulties. I have learned a great deal. It has also helped me to get work – I went on a service user employment programme at my local mental health trust, and then went straight into a job working with other service users. The fact that I had written about my experiences helped me get the job, and also inspired other service users to read my story. The local mental health trust has also purchased various Chipmunka books for the wards, so word has spread. I think it really helps for those who experience mental health difficulties to write about their experiences and to write poetry, and also for this information to be available to others who are going through the process and need some insight. Writing my story and writing poetry has helped me. It has enabled me to get my views out there. Before, I never would have thought I could have been a published author – I mean what had I to say? Now I have the authority that goes with it. My first book Move Over Manic Depression – Here I Am is my straightforward story, which includes some poetry for mental health, which I actually wrote beforehand and sent to my psychiatrist who told me he shared it with the community mental health team’.
Chipmunkapublishing author Anne Brocklesby

‘Chipmunka have published three of my books; the effect of having my work published has been tremendously positive, my confidence has increased and I now feel able, through my creative work, to engage fully with the world and to move beyond the confines of the psychiatric system. I have held three book launches that have been attended by service users, professionals and others. I believe that my experience with Chipmunka Publishing has helped me to encourage other local writers, artists and musicians who have, or have had, mental health problems. I am in contact with an expanding group of creative individuals who would like to get their work seen, heard and read’.
Chipmunkapublishing author Maureen Oliver

When I started out in the “Autism World” (in terms of speaking and training) I thought about writing a book since 2010, it took me many years until I started typing my story because of the knowledge, research and support I was given by Kathy Erangey of Autism Oxford and many other people whom are referenced in my book.

I would like to thank Jason &  William and the whole team at Chipmunka for their help and support over the whole creative process they’re kind, supportive, empathetic people whom have a passion for mental health and autism spectrum disorders, they have given me a voice in which to share my story with others and in turn help others. I’m proud to be an author with chipmunka publishing and I’m looking forward to releasing other titles very soon! J
Paul Isaacs, Author  of Living Through The Haze: Life On The Autistic Spectrum 2012

I would just like to tell people how much I appreciate everything that Chipmunka Publishing have done for me.
I started writing novels and poetry fifteen years ago and to my delight Jason and the team at Chipmunka seemed to think that my work was worth publishing.
The last three years have been exciting, enjoyable and has made such a different in my life.
I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 37 years old, with this devastating news I suffered quite a bit of depression.
Chipmunka brought something wonderful to me when they published my first novel.
Ive so much to thank them for and I just wanted to share my feelings.
I sometimes feel depressed but I keep fighting.
Now im aged 73, im a fighter and despite many relapses with my MS I won’t give in, my writing helps me to realize that life can be great, its how you deal with it.
Dorothy M Mitchell, Chipmunka Author.

Having Chipmunkapublishing and Jason support me whilst writing my book, and then having it published, was beyond my first intentions or dreams – I would not hesitate to encourage anyone who has had mental health experiences to consider writing a book. Thank you Chipmunkapublishing.
Linda Stoneman

Chipmunka Publishing is a social enterprise who are committed to spreading the truth about mental health issues, to remove the stigma attached to them and make society more understanding towards the issues. During my time working for Chipmunka I saw first hand their passion for implementing their goals. Chipmunka has helped to empower many people out there suffering from illnesses and has helped people to understand others conditions
Mark Wilson – Former Chipmunka Volunteer of the Year 2009

Jason’s contribution in helping people with Bipolar Disorder / Mental health is truly valuable to our society today. In his moving book “A Can of Madness” he gives a first hand account of his own struggles with Bipolar. Here he is not only an author and an inspirational speaker who uses his own experience to helping others through coping and dealing with the disorder, he has also gone one step further in giving a voice to many other authors faced with the immense struggles associated with mental health through founding “Chipmunka Publishing”. I endorse Jason for his commitment to breaking barriers in removing the stigma around mental health illness and for his endless efforts in supporting the mental health community.
Sandy Howarth Author of No Matter What Great Results, Expert, On Time

“Jason Pegler’s Chipmunkapublishing thankfully fills a gap in contemporary society. Namely, it recognizes that those who have actually experienced mental illness have knowledge about that condition gained in no other way. Presentday science seems to hold that direct experience of something only makes a person biased. But Chipmunkapublishing accepted my book “Psychosis from the Horse’s Mouth.” In so doing Chipmunkapublishing countenanced the notion that being psychotic gives one special insight into that state.”
Kenneth Edwards author of Psychosis From The Horse’s Mouth

“Chipmunkapublishing’s books on Mental Health issues give a voice to writers with mental illness around the world. They also help to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health problems and encourage everyone to listen. They provide a highly sought after and very valuable service that reduces upset and misunderstandings within the Mental Health arena.”
John Wood Social Media Manager,

“Jason Pegler is a ground-breaking, innovative and humanistically-driven publisher and courageous author. The self-report aspect of the Chipmunka Publishing list will take its place in the history of the phenomenology of madness and I recommend both Jason as an individual and Chipamunka as a publishing house. Adrian Laing, media lawyer and author of ‘RD Laing: A Life’.”
Adrian Lang Advocate Laing and Co, Personable, Expert, Creative

“Jason contributed to a conference I organised for the Social Workers Educational Trust. His moving, passionate and thoughtful presentation made a real impact. I am a great supporter of his work and the philosophy of chipmunka publishing. I recommend all social workers to look at the wide range of publications written by people who use services and ensure that they are on the reading lists of social work courses.
Shirley Ayres – Consultant

“What Chipmunkapublishing does for the ones not getting heard or in this case not been published, is of the most importance, people like me do need a platform, we have to work harder to get the same view, Chipmunkapublishing provides that, fantastic!”
Joris Van Huijistee – author of Scribentori Salutem

“Chipmunka Publishing is an invaluable service to so many. Being able to ‘tell my story’ and be respected for my work as well as have my experiences validated has been an integral and instrumental part of my own healing process. Thank you for helping so many find their wings and fly.”
Clare Wilson

“Jason is full of guidance for others and is always first to offer help to those that need it. Jason is my good friend and also my very good Publisher he has made Chipmunkapublishing what it is today, he has a very keen eye for Business and is a pleaser to work with, i also have Jason to thank for the my appointment at Group Travel & Coach World Magazine as he gave me the taste for Publishing, so both as an Author and in my role as Account manager at The Media Sales House i highly recommend Jason.
Colin Mansell, Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Jason Pegler is not only a great writer but a fine editor. Chipmunka Publishing have produced a superb body of work created by Survivors of the mental health system. The company has raised the national profile of some extraordinary talent amongst writers with mental health issues and firmly placed them on the map. Well worth the journey.
Julie Macnamara Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Jason is my publisher, and always provides firm guidance, helpful suggestions and always lends me his excellent editing and publishing experience to improve my work and market myself. A real pleasure to work with.”
Laura May, Chipmunka Author

“Jason gave me the opportunity to publish my autobiography. He gave me advice on how to structure my writing and encouragement via positive and constructive feedback online to complete my work. Indirectly Jason helped give me, someone who has been oppressed much of my life, a voice.
Philip Hill, Chipmunka Author

“I share Jason Pegler’s belief that stigma must be challenged. It is one of the biggest human challenges too, no small task but Chipmunkapublishing is making it happen story-by-story. Without publicity there can be no public support, and without public support every cause suffers decay. When I met Jason in 2007 my first manuscript had been rejected by every single London literary agent. I’d spent hundreds of pounds inside that traditional mode of trying to publish my story and Chipmunkapublishing picked me up and simply, just made it happen. Success depends on the support of other people. The only hurdle between you and what you want to be is the support of other people. I thank all of the people at Chipmunkapublishing for changing my life. Books support us in our solitude and keep us from being a burden to ourselves. I’d call Jason a friend too, because a friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”
Victor J Kennedy