Support the humanitarian rights of the ‘mentally ill’ and you can help to save a life. Volunteer for Chipmunkapublishing. We are always looking for expert volunteers who can add real value. Also if you have any free time, even a few seconds, please feel free to tell people about what we do and post the link to our website to your friends, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or recommend potential authors/customers/volunteers to us or donate £10 or purchase our books.

If you do want to volunteer please send your CV with full details of how long you will be able to help for and how many hours per week. We require a minimum B at an English or Arts A-Level or a minimum 2:2 degree in an arts or business discipline for you to be considered as an online editor.

Help Needed:

1) University students wanted for work placements from home. Editing and marketing vacancies only. Editing from home mainly but if you do a great job we have one editor in the office at a time. You will need to edit several books first. Marketing volunteers please promote Chipmunka on social networks twitter, facebook, linked in, you tube etc.. Email us in first instance please. The best volunteers get to come in the office should space be available. Chipmunka will give you an ongoing reference for as long as you volunteer and in future years after you have stopped volunteering. This will help you get the job you want after you finish University.
2) Professionally qualified book editors and proof readers who are prepared to volunteer online only.


1) buy and read chipmunka books. Tell people about Chipmunka on your favourite social networking sites and encourage people who want to write or have written about their experiences to contact us
2) go into all your local public libraries and register as a member. Then go and ask if they have the following books: (it will cost you 50 pence or $1.00 a book but think you could be saving a life) a can of madness, etc. If the library does not have the book. Ask the person behind the counter for the book ordering slip. Once the book is in stock read it and return to the shelf, order one book a week.
3) have a book party, to get rid of the stigma.
4) ask for a stall in the local school or village hall and buy chipmunka books at discount and sell them
5) email your local paper about mental health and chipmunka
6) contact the national press about mental health chipmunka
7) go online and add your comments about the great work chipmunka is doing and review chipmunka books you have read on Amazon
8) raise sponsorship for Chipmunka so we can help more people
9) donate online

If you can add real value with editing or marketing in particular areas email our volunteer manager at:

Chipmunkapublishing is the world’s foremost patient driven Mental Health Publisher… Our books are improving the way the world thinks about people with mental health issues. Ninety percent of the books are written by people with mental health issues. The rest are written by carers or other people with disabilities or motivational experts or academics. All our books are available at the chipmunka shop .

Please aid us in facilitating this new genre of literature and empowering survivors across the United Kingdom and the rest of the world.