YOU-VALUISM: The idea of a schizophrenic


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ISBN: 978-1-78382-330-7
Published: 2017
Pages: 60
Key Themes: Mental Illness, Empowerment

About the Author

ISHI is the son of a journalist father who lived in London during the LTTE uprising against the Sri Lankan state in 1983 on, a war which resulted in many deaths and hardships for all those concerned.

He currently resides in London and has written in many South Asian journalist press tabloids and broadsheets, resulting in maximum exposure for his view on You-Valuism, a political agenda that spots a new category in the evolution of political thought.

After going to SOAS (London University) to study the political strife in Sri Lanka and South Asia, Ishara went on to edit the foremost South Asian lead title in the UK, the Asian Times, where he was awarded a summons for hiding political sculpture in the paper, promoting peace in his native Sri Lanka.

An ardent follower of Lord Buddha, De Silva, went on to freelance for Ceylon Today, Sri Lanka Guardian, Tamil Guardian and Sri Lanka’s The Island newspaper online, around which time he was awarded a space on the leadership panel run by Britain’s Opinion Leader, commercial operators who prized him for a global leadership study among movers and shakers within different sectors of industry and commerce.

He presently has an agenda to meditate and write on political and social issues to help resolve South Asia’s burning problems and beyond, and help settle them alongside those advocating a scriptural take on problem-resolution relating not only to the East but to the western world also.

His thinking has taken a new Buddhist turn of late, wherein he sees all political theories as culminating in a You-value spirit, ahead of other ideologies, the pinnacle of which is You-Valuism itself. If true, the political ramifications could be astounding for everyone and the world, until it leaks greater satisfaction for all lurking in the Earth’s bewildered living space.

About the Book

This book is written in memory of Lord Buddha’s dream over 2,500 years
ago of a selfless world so that human beings can live in harmony
and peace and be guided by the highest virtues known to man.

Book Extract

The limits of political philosophy!

So, not so strong! Let’s win. The You-Value guise is on, without horrid or trouble. Yes, Marx wanted a cooperative world, with less competitive in, which he said caused, the chase after money, all wars and colonialism as the peak. But should we peak it, or change it!? Yes, Buddhists say change is what we should focus on, not peaks and troughs, for better adaptability.

But You-Valuism is a peak, the highest order of the polity, but we can change to it! So let’s not grumble. One day, we will win!! But don’t over trough, or get depressed, because it’s not that far off. We already have one fifth of the world’s population, or there abouts, in brown skin colour, in South Asia, taking the toll, like it did under Colonialism, to win its original tradition and history which the whites, now not so unruly, stole.

Let’s not quibble about vengeance. The whites and westerners are on a learning game also, and we should forgive, because suffering unleashed is suffering within, so we all know they are, one day, on their way to higher freedom and happy, if they comply.

The day will come when all political philosophy is on a You-Value spirit, a selfless abode, where no one gripes anymore, and all is still, without needing to hide or wonder what the Earth was like, one day.

Let’s forgive. The westerners weren’t all wrong, but they lost their way and can recover and have marvellous philosophy to warrant a higher education superior to much of the world, well maybe. Even Oxford wasn’t all full of toffs when Marx was around, because the socialists wanted a fairer world order and a world military, which we proposed, is a need, not of the hour, but of the day at least!


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