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By Terrence Prowse-Gilson

ISBN: 978-1-78382-049-8
Published: 2014
Pages: 72
Key Themes: Mental Health, Sci-Fi, Spy,


Dear Reader,
This is synopsis of my story. This story is what I call a ‘sci-fi-spy’ genre story.
It begins with a quick start with the main character, a John Kellor, who is blamed for killing his own boss in what some may say is Spydom- he is then transferred to Wisdom- or the World Intelligence Service, and carries on episode after episode throughout the story. He has a family that share his exploits.
There is in the background a thing called IT, which we know as Information Technology. IT has grown into something incredibly powerful: so that some people would say it is God or at least universal and ultimately in control of everything: Human and Alien both.

Yours faithfully,

About the Author

Dear Reader,
My mental illness started a long time ago when I was twenty one in 1972. I experienced an out of body trip in which I shouted NO and then OM.
When I did the whole of my life was portrayed to me upon being manifested by the sign of the cross. Such an experience, some say, is Nirvana, or being reborn in the spirit. Anyway something happened within my mind.
Then I was deemed mentally ill. Little did I know that this was the prelude to a helluva helter-skelter ride through the next 40 years until finally I came full circle back to my sanity: which I knew because my psychiatrist told me so.
Now I can go on with my head held high.

Yours faithfully,

Book Extract

Zeist needed Keller as a human guinea-pig for his latest experiment labelled ‘Wexy’ This was to make the perfect intelligence officer for IT to send to, ‘anywhere’. He had already made Keller a near-perfect officer but needed now to eliminate pain a last finishing factor. He decided to use the ‘Hell-Room’.
Keller lay unconscious on the bed in the middle of the hell-room and Zeist stood over him operating on his head with a fine laser eradicating his brain’s pain centre. Wires were attached to nerve centres all over his body and parts twitched reflexively and periodically. Then their were no more spasms as he entered a dream state in which vivid visions of a surrealistic, pattern swirled in a well of bright light and colours leaving him aghast and puzzled. Zeist implanted a device to replace the pain area with inner radio and video links. From then on John was inextricably linked to IT.
But he only knew what IT needed him to.

The living atoms of Keller’s being distrusted authority but he couldn’t escape it. Zeist saw him as a specimen. He hailed a taxi to go home to his flat in London S.W.1., .When IT assailed him mentally-he was no longer his own man. He blacked out in the taxi and the driver failed to bring him round and so he was taken in the cab to the nearest hospital-Westminster-where he was seen by a Mister Alex Jacobie who recognised his amnesia. Because of his link to IT; Zeist was soon on the seen; he let IT take over. IT managed to straighten out the kink in Keller’s armour and leave him stronger than before with only partial loss of memory-no bad thing at all.


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