Worry Go Round, The


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By Melanie Cross

ISBN: 978-1-904697-68-8
Published: 2005
Pages: 180
Key Themes: depression, recovery, empowerment, hope, understanding


Mel Cross wrote her extraordinary because, when in the depths of depression, she couldnt find a book to explain what it was really like to be in the place where she was. Like many sufferers Mel found that there were plenty of medical books and books which seemed patronising but no books expressing what it was really like to be deeply depressed. Melanie wanted to use her experience to help other people understand the illness and even be able draw on experiences from the book to help themselves, or friends or family who are suffering. This book describes how a normal person with a normal life overcomes chronic depression. Mel is not ashamed of her depression and hopes her book will allow others to feel the same way.

About the Author

Melanie Cross was born in Bristol in 1971 and now lives in the lovely Painswick Valley in the Cotswolds with her husband, daughter and crazy cat George. In 1995 Melanie completed a B.Ed degree and went on to teach at a primary school in Bristol, until she became ill in 1999. As she recovered she went on to run and manage an Animal Care Centre and took further qualifications in feline behaviour and became an assessor of NVQs in Animal Care. Mel took time off from her animal care work in order to write her book, she now lives a very happy life doing the most important job in the world,being a mum!

2 reviews for Worry Go Round, The

  1. John Harley (verified owner)

    An inspirational book on depression, the author wanted to explain her story and how depression has effected her personally

  2. Maxine … (verified owner)

    I have just finished reading The Worry Go Round by Melanie Cross and felt I should write to express my views how this book has helped me. For many years I too have suffered from depression of varying degrees and have taken anti depressants for many of those years. I am fortunate in that I have a very understanding GP who has given me every support possible, often listening to me for what has probably amounted to many hours.
    Recently having suffered from recurring stomach problems he sent me to see a gastrologist who decided that stress and depression was most likely the cause for many of the symptoms I was experiencing. Whilst at the clinic I was handed a leaflet on Spiritual healing and having read the leaflet decided that anything was worth trying if it freed me of the depression and the aches and discomfort.. I have been receiving this treatment for the last 6 weeks and although it is early days I feel so much better and can say that I am coming to terms with the fact that I can not alter the way other people lead their lives but only alter my own. I believe that Melanie discovered this too. So many of her experiences, I too have been through and I simple could not believe that our paths had followed many of the same routes. Although I have never experienced the terrible sexual abuse I have expereiced bereavment which shook my world apart, losing both my parents in a space of 5 weeks and having to deal with the fallout this left behind. I feel I must thank Melanie as she has helped me to realise that my future is my own destiny and no-one elses. Please thank her if you are able or pass on this email to her.

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