Wordsmith Mantra


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By John T Hope

ISBN: 978-1-78382-180-8
Published: 2015
Pages: 259
Key Themes: Mental Health, Mental Illness, Psychology, Sociology, Religion

About the Author

John T. Hope is originally from Manchester. He started his working life on a Government training scheme as a trainee chef. After a few years in the catering industry became a father at a young age before being trained as a carpenter. Only to face unemployment after training just to take up selling class ‘A’ drugs. The death of a friend in gang warfare causes the trigger of a mental health condition Manic Depression, revealing a sensitive side to one’s persona. Soon after recovering from ones condition a 3yrs 6 months prison sentences made one search for peace of mind upon one’s release. Now living in London only to find conmen, crooks and unemployment within ones profession when ones trying go straight. The stress of everyday life has caused one to have a relapse but now one’s called a philosopher with Bipolar added to a personally disorder. Since one can no longer work in our current environment, ones massage is about humanitarian values towards conscious awareness and society in general.



This book will try to explain, how our ancestors adopted a way of life that has negative consequences in today’s society. It will examine, religious groups authoritarian practice, which have primitive connotations on an individual. There are elements of the book that looks into psychology and the awakening of the mind in relation with God. Taking a further look, at politics role in society and how monetary policies make wrong decisions for humanity. The anthological takes a plunge at understanding loves intent and religious influence on relationship. Throughout the treatise, two ideologies are placed against each other to determine, which is best for society in conjunction with God’s loving nature over demonic values. As the reader, you will read examples of God’s hand at work in society, using mathematical laws to understand his reasoning and miracles. Finally, what death mean’s to Christian pagan philosophers?

What is a Christian pagan? It sounds like a contradiction! Owning to the fact you don’t know what it means. As a Christian, they believe in the words from our Lord Jesus Christ. As a pagan who does not follow the world’s belief, they have beliefs concerning some gods in myth, prophets and philosophers from around the world.

Within Christian pagan philosophy, like mathematics, words are thought of as a universal language, established via the collective minds of men and philosophers, with elements of truth. So, to have greater understanding to the nature of humanities behaviour in relation with God! The American dictionary has been used in this book, so individuals comprehend the diversity to their meaning. Mathematical principles are used to formulate a collection of poetic prose, constructed from random statements in thought (conscience), which contributes to Christian pagan philosophy!

In the earliest period of mankind’s history, many wars took place over the belief of a tribe and the true definition of words, when describing God’s nature. So, importance is placed on the origin, terms, and meaning, due to the fact such words great, influential philosophers left behind and are therefore quoted from the dictionary. The words highlighted, offers another way of life and a description of divinity that has been written out of historical, religious and secular text.

As an example of how the dictionary is used in this book, the word osmosis will illustrate.

Osmosis biology and chemistry philosophy, in this process, molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semi-permeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one. Thus, equalizing the concentrations on each side of the membrane.

The same process could be said, for the way the mind absorbs information from another or the media. The mind reconfigures this new information causing the person in question, to act different than before. The process is gradual or unconscious integration of ideas, knowledge, etc! In many ways, the monetary system has the same corruptible effect on an individual’s mind. There, in the saying, “Monkey see monkey do.”

Stories, sayings, or phrases from mythological tales of gods, the Bible, the Quran, modern literature and musical lyrics, contain a vein of truth. They play more of a role in Western, societies, psyche and behaviour, more than people care to believe or understand. The fact, there are scenes of corruption, murder, rape and betrayal within these stories. Makes individuals believe, if a messenger of God can do it, so can they. Instead of taking lessons and gaining wisdom from the tale to avoid a hazard!

For instance, the quote, “Too many chefs, spoils the broth.”

Informs the psyche of a politician, banker, businessmen or women only his or her opinion is important. So, leading figures pay no attention to what the majority has to say. That saying is an old phrase and from a period when dictators forced they’re will or reasoning on society, ruthlessly. Given the fact, society is well informed, today individuals believe in democracy, on account the truth has revealed, various opinions formulate sound reasoning.

The saying, “An Englishman’s home is his castle.”

Instruct individuals to defend their home to the death, instead of a warm welcoming to a stranger!

“There is a fool born every minute.”

Tells some they can take advantage or outwit the other. People tend to forget, working together brings greater rewards.


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