Words From the Unheard


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By J.P. Kirby

ISBN: 978-1-78382-587-5
Published: 2021
Pages: 89


Words form the Unheard is a body if poetry that sets out to challenge the perceptions related to domestic abuse but also to unify victims and survivors, regardless of gender or background as it is written from a rather uncommon voice on the subject. The works within are through both research and personal accounts, demonstrating the means and ways it can take hold, the wreckages left in the aftermath and also the fact it can happen to anyone… even though it never should.

About the Author

James Kirby is not traditionally known for his poetry. He has however been repeatedly published previously regarding international journalism in regard to music as well as the creation and development of multiple acts/events supporting charities nationwide.
Having spent 11 years working in Health and Social care, he developed a passion for Mental Health and Rehabilitation which was the driving force behind him embarking on his first major international charity project “The Blues form the Herts” Album.
James has continued to support National Charities either through his own published musical works or by contributing further articles of insight upon request.


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