Widow’s Peak


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By Andrew Roberts

ISBN: 978-1-84747-182-6
Published: 2007
Pages: 122
Key Themes: short stories, science fiction (sci-fi), schizophrenia, mania


Widows Peak is the first of three short stories which deal with the delusions of a madman made real with science. Though Widows Peak is pure science fiction it does, to some extent, document the author’s own journey. In this book Andrew Roberts looks at telepathy and ways of making it workable. Note most mental illnesses operate on this premise. This is an interesting and engaging perspective on science fiction, as bought to you by a recovering schizophrenic. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

About the Author

Andrew Roberts was born in England and, with a strong religious up-bringing, attended a Methodist Church up to the age of 16. Andrew turned back to God eight years later when he developed mild schizophrenia as he completed his degree in psychology. For Andrew, schizophrenia was very much a journey into madness with a spiritual edge. He undertook a course in Mental Health Nursing and now works with people with similar problems to his own. The three stories in this book are his first attempt at writing fiction. He is also working on a new approach to beating the voices.


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