Why Doctors Don’t Make You Healthy!


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A Harley Street Specialist Tells All!
By Gerard Kielty


ISBN: 978-1-905610-51-8
Published: 2006
Key Themes: self-help, food intolerance, medication, physical illness, health and well-being


Cure your health problems the simple ‘drug free’ way! Gerard Kielty I.R.B, I.D.A, a Harley Street specialist has written this highly informative book about his work in the field of food intolerance. This fascinating book explains, in a down-to-earth and simple to understand way, just how we are all poisoning ourselves with the food we eat.

Heroin grows in the ground, well so does a lettuce! So why is this not a drug also? It is a drug! Everything that enters our body is a drug and will have a positive or negative effect to our brains. Mr Kielty explains how more than 50 different health problems can easily be cured by avoiding the foods (drugs) that cause them in the first place. This book identified the major culprits, the everyday foods that generally cause most health problems. Through extracts from numerous testimonial letters Mr Kielty highlights many different health problems and explains how and why they happen.

This book poses profound questions of the governing bodies within the medical profession and explains, in great depth, the considerable resistance that exists within the medical profession, the drug companies and many government agencies throughout the world to this advanced ‘drug free’ path to good health.

This true, explosive and controversial book could change the face of medicine forever. It is packed with all the information you need to become seriously healthy within weeks

About the Author

Born in Southern Ireland in 1947 I had a tough but exciting childhood. One of 11 children brought up in Portobello Road in the centre of London by hardworking and caring parents. My mum and dad were far from rich but they more than made up for that with the love they gave to each of us. In those days my idea of a treat was an Orange in my Xmas stocking and once a year if I was lucky a trip to the seaside. As time went on many of us children were bright enough to go to university but for us that was only a dream, what little money there was went into feeding and clothing the family and trying to keep up with the many other household bills.

Mr Kielty is now qualified to American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards and is a leading specialist in the field of electro-dermal screening. His credentials have been signed by former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

Book Extract


3,400,000 people suffer with Asthma in the UK alone. 1 in 5 of them is a child; it kills 2,000 people every year. That’s 40 people a week that die from Asthma and the best the medical world can offer is a Steroid Inhaler. I’ve yet to find a case of Asthma that was not helped considerably and/or cured completely following a food intolerance test and elimination of Sugar/Yeast and Mint from the diet. People in Africa and dry dusty deprived countries generally don’t suffer with Asthma, it’s a ‘Western’ health problem. People in deprived countries don’t have Sugar/Yeast and Mint….Do they?

In my experience of curing Asthma (And I do have a lot of experience) the condition is not caused by animals and house dust mite as every allergy specialist will tell you. Whilst these things will certainly aggravate the sensitive nerve endings in the lungs they do not cause the problem. The sensitive nerve endings in the lungs are caused by food intolerance and/or an intolerance to mint in all its forms…Especially that found in toothpaste.

Okay!…Let’s take a look at some Asthma testimonial letters.

Our first letter is from the mum of a beautiful little 4-year old girl. Her parents brought her to see me on the 12th February 2003. Their testimonial letter was written exactly 3 months later on the 12th May 2003. SHE WAS CURED!

Here’s a bit of background on the case:
She had severe Asthma since she was 14 months old.
She was being treated in England at several specialist hospitals but mostly at The Royal Brompton in South London. In just under three years she made over 50 visits to various hospitals for treatment of her Asthma. She was admitted to intensive care on three of these visits because her condition had become so serious. During her treatment over nearly 3 years the best the NHS could offer her was excessive amounts of Steroids. Within 3 months of her visit to Health Scan she was discharged from hospital and has gone on to enjoy a normal healthy life. Her food test showed a major intolerance to Wheat and Mint! (Good old toothpaste yet again!)

In the letter her mum said that the hospital specialists acknowledged that she was cured but refused to accept that her recovery was food related. Just how blatantly ignorant and stubborn can any doctor be to refuse to accept such overwhelming evidence, they see it with their own eyes yet they still refuse to accept it. This applies not just in this case but also in the many thousands of other cases of people I’ve cured over the years. The doctors all preferred to keep their heads in the sand rather than openly accept that their patients had been cured by an Alternative Therapist. So with that in mind is it not reasonable for the remaining patients of these doctors to question as to why they to are not being notified of this particular treatment. Surely the patients should be given the right to make up their own minds and to choose which treatment they prefer. If there is a cure out there and these doctors are aware of it then why do they allow their patients to continue to suffer unnecessarily?

NHS doctors are public employees and as such they should be ethically, morally and legally bound to divulge such information to us their employer. Also, if a doctor is aware that treatment such as food intolerance testing can and does cure these major health problems then why can we the public not take legal action against a doctor for not divulging it? In the case of each and every one of the thousands of patients that I’ve cured their GP or hospital specialist should at least have enquired as to how this was achieved. You can count on one hand the number of doctors that have done so. Is it not unreasonable therefore to judge that the doctors in question had their own interests at heart rather than that of their patients?

Or could there be some financial reason? Surely not!
Mind you, if there was what a case there would be to answer.
There must be some reason for it though.

Mrs L from Surrey
“Since she has been tested her life is one that we could only have dreamed of.”
That quote is from the letter of a mum of an 8-year-old girl.
She had been in and out of hospital all her life suffering with Asthma excessive coughing and weight loss. The doctors prescribed steroid inhalers and various other medications.
Within four months of her Health Scan she was discharged from hospital and made a full recovery. But just look at the foods that were causing her health problems, good ‘balanced diet type foods’ such as Cows milk!…Potatoes!…Vegetables!…Sugar! and wait for it!…Yes…Good old mint toothpaste!

You would think also that the hospital specialists treating this girl for eight years would have shown some interest in how she was cured and by whom. It’s now five years later and I’m still waiting for him/her/them to contact me but as I said previously it’s the same with virtually ‘ALL’ doctors of patients I’ve cured with the exception of one or two. The only time I hear from doctors is when they themselves want treatment. You’d be amazed at the amount of doctors/dentists/nutritionists and other so-called health professionals both conventional and complimentary that I’ve treated and cured over the years.


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