Who Cares?


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By Jean Taylor

ISBN: 978-0-954221-85-0
Published: 2003
Pages: 172
Key Themes: abuse, depression, mental health services


Who Cares? is the autobiography of a strong and determined lady who was abused by her husband whilst also caring for her manic depressive and senile mother. Jean is no stranger to depression herself and has on several occasions been overcome by the demons. She uses this book to denounce the British mental health system using her own maltreatment as evidence of the poor quality care afforded the mentally ill and physically disabled in the UK. This book exposes the absence of a fully dutiful mental health commission and protective statute and the lack of proper community care. A stark and poignant memoir that is essential reading for all mental health professionals.

About the Author

Jean Taylor was born in March of 1930 in Burnley and lives now in nearby Blackpool. Her life began with a traumatic birth and a poverty stricken childhood. Her first taste of depression came when she was just eleven years old. After many troubles in her life and after suffering abuse and breakdown, she decided to write her own story. Now, Jean is active in the UK survivor movement, and has been featured on national television several times for her writing and campaigning.

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  1. John Harley (verified owner)

    A tale of a lady who had to support and look after her senile mother whilst being abused by her husband, an emotional read

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