Where’s My Pen?


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A Guide to Supporting People With Dyspraxia
By Sarah Johns

ISBN: 9781849910361
Published: 2009
Pages: 122
Key Themes: dyspraxia, autism, aspergers syndrome


Where is my pen? A Guide to supporting people with dyspraxia, aims to provide a down to earth look at dyspraxia and includes personal experiences to help encourage people to fulfil their goals in life. There are guides to help people of any age find life a bit easier. Hopefully this book will help answer any questions anyone may have about the condition. The aim of writing the book is to inspire people to see life in a positive way and not let dyspraxia or any learning difficulty stop them from achieving anything.

About the Author

Sarah is 30 years old, lives in Sheffield and currently works for a charity called Autism Plus, supporting adults with learning difficulties including Asperger Syndrome, autism and dyspraxia. She has a keen interest in learning difficulties, especially dyspraxia and includes her personal experiences of depression and dyspraxia in the hope it will help others live life in a positive way. She is trained as a physiotherapist and also has a sports degree.

After a challenging time, she has gained strength from achieving things she never thought she would do, like writing this book. She hopes people can do the same.


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