When We Were Gods


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By Peter Gigi

ISBN: 978-1-84747-090-4
Published: 2007
Pages: 217
Key Themes: alcoholism, depression, recovery

Peter Gigi describes the inner world of Chris, isolated and dislocated, crash-landing home. And descending further and further into a world of paranoid, shizoid alienation. His only contact is with the desolate. And finding the strength to move on he moves on. A powerful novel, poetic, inventive, experi-mental! The Cultural Foundation


When We Were Gods is the true story of a lost, forgotten and dispossessed generation. Fuelled with the fury, cynicism, dreams and humour of people who are bored with media deceptions and mass produced fairytales. Set in a sedated Northern seaside town at the end of the line, it tells the story of scum washed up on the tide. Outsiders.

A bomb explodes in Chris brain, blowing his bright city life apart. Everything is gone, his girl, his home, his job and his friends,all ripped away. Chris, crash-lands back in the town he grew up in, with the wreck of his alcoholic father. Spiralling further down into a place, with neither light or darkness, believing himself dead, Chris meets Jim who introduces himself as an angel. We are all Gods. Glorious, magical and infinite. We are here and this is our story.

About the Author

Peter Gigi was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Educated at the University of Leeds, he lives in the North of England by the deep, dark sea. As a writer and performer he is also a poet and writes for the stage. He is currently working on a second novel. His work continues to explore a fascination with disintegration and outsiders.


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