What Are You Looking At?


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By Wayne Hadfield


ISBN: 978-1-905610-77-8
Published: 2006
Pages: 153
Key Themes: poetry, manic depression, bi-polar disorder, secure units, insight


Wayne has a diagnosis of bipolar disorder; about 90% of the poems in ‘What Are You Looking At?’ were written about this condition from late 2005 onwards. The remainder are general and personal poems that were written at the same time. A lot of Wayne’s excellent poems were written whilst he was in and attending a psychiatric hospital, they take account of both highs and lows experienced by people with bipolar disorder. Wayne hopes that his book gives people an insight into how a person with bipolar disorder feels.

Book Extract


2005 a New Year a new start
A time to move on but memories stay in the heart
Don’t forget the past but try not to dwell
Start living in heaven and not a mental hell

2005 a year for dreams to come true
Throw out all of the old bring in all the new
A time to move forward in all walks of life
And not to fall back on a sharpened knife

Visions of laughter, fun and good times ahead
A time to start moving not stuck in bed
Try to stay focus be honest be true
So even the dark days are fewer and few

Hopes for the year are clear in my mind
Try to be more loving, understanding and kind
Be more positive even when feeling down
Straight from the heart and tears of a clown
There’s light at the end of the tunnel
For each and everyone to see
But I have to be sure and certain
It’s not an oncoming train aiming at me

Inch by inch and step by step
As time moves on the stronger I will get
One day at a time, week by week
Tell how it is no secrets to keep

Be the best I can each and every day
End each day by making myself say
Thank god I’m here and alive
And here’s to a fantastic 2005


Life is a journey or so they say,
To drive straight ahead or to give way,
Round and around the roundabout leaving different ways,
Living in the present not tomorrow or yesterday,
Take one step at a time arrive at the station,
Just buy a one way ticket, ride life destination,
Head going fast winding down life’s track,
Try always to look forward and never look back,

Fly away from it all leave the world again,
Let your head go on auto pilot relive the pain,
No more emergency landings be safe and sound,
Even at 30,000ft have both feet on the ground,

So tired of floating ship wrecked at sea,
Searching for that desert island in my own sanity,
Only games to win now, not to draw or lose,
Have a six month vacation on a fantasy cruise,

Forget my problems be an astronaut in space,
No one to answer to everything is in place,
Look down on the world with stars in my face,
Just one persons view on the entire human race,

Back down to earth with an almighty crash,
Lifeboats out stranded on my own survival raft,
Drifting alone just a blip in the sea,
Everyone is searching, reaching trying to rescue me,

No one knows where life’s journey will end,
But if I get lost an s.o.s. I’ll send,
Whether found on land sky or sea,
What a one off journey my life will be.



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