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By Christopher L. Jones

ISBN: 9781849914673
Published: 2011
Pages: 113
Key Themes: fiction, manic depression, bipolar disorder, drugs, relationships


Waterboarded is the story of an American college student in New York City the summer after 9.11 attending the internship of his life. Unfortunately for him, the pain, confusion and madness of his life long battle with manic depression catches up with him erupting into a summer of debauchery and excess that ultimately leads to self destruction. Through the haze of drugs and illicit sex the young man tries to ultimately find his way out in the most unexpected manner. Will he move on and find hope or simply fall back into the mind numbing habits of his youth?

About the Author

Christopher L. Jones is an author, poet and artist living in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Originally born in Tucson, Arizona, he has been a survivor of mental illness, specifically bi-polar disorder, for most of his life. A graduate of New Mexico State University with a degree in Philosophy and Theater Arts, he has spent over twenty five years contributing to the various performing arts groups in his community. His work has been described as masturbating on the worlds stage in verse and …exactly what is wrong with the average white American male… Christopher started writing after being introduced to poetry as a form of art therapy as a teenager and has not stopped since. Aside from working with words, he is a single father of one.


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