Water Angels


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By Lee Pritchett

ISBN: 978-1-84991-925-8
Published: 2012
Pages: 108
Key Themes: Mental Health, Fiction, Fantasy, Children’s Literature


When on holiday in Switzerland, David and his twin sister Mary think nothing can go wrong. Pulled deep into the depths of a mountain pool by mysterious forces, they find themselves in a magical underwater realm with danger lurking and ready to strike. The kidnapping is just the beginning. Things can get a lot worse yet…

About the Author

Lee Pritchett was born in March 1986, on the Isle of Wight. At the age of twenty he wrote a children’s story based on a family member for a bit of fun called ‘The Tale of Hammy Telling and His Little Telling Tummy’. With this, the first children’s story he’d written in his adult life coming in the short list of the ‘Academy of Children’s Writers’ competition, he decided to study with them, with the aim of becoming a successful and respected writer of children’s literature. He now has three published collections of children’s stories, a novel and one published children’s joke book, all both written and illustrated by him.

Book Extract

David wasn’t used to all this swimming so was rather tired. They were about a quarter of a kilometre along the tunnel. Angela looked into David’s darkening eyes and saw not just physical tiredness, but great anxiety and mental strain taking its toll.
“You are concerned about your sister” she said taking his hand. She led him into an alcove at the side of the cave. “This unfamiliar way of movement cannot be aiding your mood either”
“I’m fine.” said David, trying to pull away. “Let’s keep going.” but Angela held tight, wearing the most reassuring of faces.
“Rest David.” Marina said with great concern.
“No honestly” said David, “I’m fine. Let’s keep going.”
“David” Angela said, with a hint of frustration, “You must rest or you will be of no use to any of us.”
David Tried to pull away again but Angela wouldn’t let him.
“I have to save her.” he said with grave concern in his eyes, “Before it’s too late.”
“Exactly” said Angela, “And if you rest, then we may yet succeed”
“But we don’t have time.” David said, rubbing an eye with his free hand.
“I believe our fairy friend can speed up the process” Angela smiled.
“Can you, Marina?” asked David, A spark of hope in his eyes.
“Sit.” said the little water fairy.
David let himself go and drifted to the cave floor, where he rested against the warm stone wall. It seemed surprisingly comfortable as he shut his eye’s and drifted to sleep. The cave was filled with rippling waves of light as the little creature giggled, weaving a thread of her finest enchantments.
David awoke totally, blissfully relaxed and with feelings of great joy and peace resonating through him. He opened his eyes gently to find Angela and Marina floating above him, watching over him, bathed in fairy light. He wondered why he never noticed it before, the strange, serene beauty, which Angela possessed. The title of angel he thought quite suited her.
“David awake.” Marina called joyously.
“Indeed.” said Angela, with a slight twitch of a smile.
David shook himself free of the trance and propelled himself up to join them.
“Thank you Marina” he said gratefully, “That was the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had”
“Only a minute.” smiled marina.
“What?” said a stunned David, “What do you mean?”
“Our little friend means that you were asleep for but a few moments, luckily for our quest.”


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