Walking with Chris


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By Gayatri Pagdi

ISBN: 9781847477729
Published: 2008
Pages: 226
Key Themes: autobiography, carer, love, bi-polar, spinal injury


Walking with Chris are the memories of a decade long journey of a bi-polar bear who became a caregiver to her partner suffering from a spinal cord injury. The last 10 years saw her walk from hell to healing. For company were the cyberworld and a fantasy.

About the Author

Gayatri Pagdi is a 40-years-old editor, ghostwriter and translator of books from Indian languages into English and so far has worked on more than a dozen books. Other than books she has also translated video films, documentaries, an award-winning play and short stories for children into English. She has worked as a journalist for almost two decades, edited and set up magazines on health and now occasionally writes for publications that she can relate to. She lives in Mumbai with her husband Praveen and indulges in her interests like minds watching, mental and emotional health, occult and alternative healing.


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