Voices in the Dark


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By Mary Anne Zammit

ISBN: 9781783826360
Published: 2022
Pages: 169


For Rebecca, a young woman suffering from Multiple Personalities, the voices were going to be persistently eternal. One voice was different from the usual ones, and after surviving a traffic accident, a new voice took over. But this strange voice led Rebecca to mysterious events, including committing a crime and landing in prison.
A search for the identification and this impossible personality takes Rebecca on a strange mysterious journey, uncovering a secret web of criminal activity and encountering the real truth and real identity of the personality.
Mary Anne Zammit explores the reality of persons who multiple personalities along the implication an organ donor can have on the biological and lifestyle of the person. Also, in the past the author has dealt with the subjects of rape and child pornography.

About the Author

Mary Anne Zammit is a graduate from the University of Malta in Diploma in Applied Social Studies (Social Work) Diploma in Diplomatic Studies, Masters in Probation Services and in Freelance and Feature Writing. She is also employed as Probation Officer with the Department of Probation and Parole, Malta.

Mary Anne is author of four novels in Maltese and two in English. Her poetry has been featured in International magazines and Anthologies. She is a regular contributor in the International Poet Magazine. Mary Anne has received multi awards and her art has been exhibited in various collective exhibitions both locally and abroad as well on line galleries.


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