Voices and Visions


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The Grave of Luna
By Jarrad Dickson

ISBN: 9781849911436
Published: 2010
Pages: 60
Key Themes: poetry, depression, psychosis, black comedy


Voices and visions are schizophrenia induced poems, they have stories and plots throughout them, pertaining to the visions and voices Jarrad had when he was psychotic. They are about extra-terrestrials, and Dilworth school and it is cannibalistic in the poetry, for Jarrad Dickson had delusions about cannibalism and saw his school staff eating brains and hearts of their students to be immortal.

Marilyn Manson is frequently in the poetry, and so is Tools lead singer Maynard James Keenan, and they meet in his bathroom and Maynard becomes cloned. There is a party, and Darth Vader rapes Marilyn Manson and Yoda is raped by Hone Heke. This is when Jarrads play comes to life for it was written in the fifth dimension, and the characters influenced his psychosis by coming to life and haunting him saying I am an alien. I have a spaceship. I eat hearts to live, to thrive, he has to die!

A girl named Luna is in the poetry, a former love interest of Jarrad Dicksons who he met on a suicide site and who later committed suicide which was one of the reasons as well as alcoholism that Jarrad became psychotic.

The poetry is wrought from psychosis and its plots and is a work of phantasmagoria, and is straight from the brain, albeit a brain not functioning properly.

About the Author

Jarrad Dickson was born in 1986 in Auckland New Zealand and grew up in Hahei, and was educated at Dilworth school. He then went to the University of Auckland to study a BA.

Though happy as a child, in his teenage years he had an unbelievable torment of depression. After befriending a girl who killed herself he descended into alcoholism and this made him very delusional, and after awhile his brain went haywire and had a tormenting and very frightening psychotic breakdown which lasted two months. He saw his entire life pass before his eyes, but he saw himself be raped, abducted, eaten and saw his principle as an alien from Pluto who was wearing a body suit.

After that, he thought he was suing Dilworth, who have millions of dollars of assets, and drew castles he would have at their properties. He frequently overdosed to shorten the time till he got the money. This delusion caused a psychotic relapse as well as using cannabis, and he relapsed the year after he had a psychotic breakdown. On that day, he jumped over James Dilworths grave in Symonds Street cemetery thinking he would teleport into another dimension where Lily Cole was an albino goddess and was marrying him.

He knows four languages, and has published another e book with Chipmunka, Roseum Thornycum, Voices and Visions being his newest poetry about psychosis and a black comedy take on it.


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