Vice Versa


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By Bernice Beirer

ISBN: 97818474768
Published: 2008
Pages: 163
Key Themes: autobiographical, difficult childhood, relationships, gender, dominatrix, love,


This book tells the story of events from an unhappy childhood, due to an alcoholic and violent stepfather. Through to an end of an eighteen year relationship and marriage due to her partner leaving her for another women. However the other women in fact was her husband, who secretly lived with gender dysphoria, until he could fight it no more. The story also tells of how the family was torn apart by love and betrayal and the consequences. It also explains how Bernice became a dominatrix, which she still practices today.

About the Author

Bernice was born in Hampshire in 1969 where she still resides today. Bernice like many others has suffered bouts of depression, due to events throughout her life.
Happily married after one failed marriage, she is continuing with her profession of domination as well as studying psychology and writing a fictional novel.

1 review for Vice Versa

  1. John Harley (verified owner)

    This book really shows how difficult growing up can be, with violence and neglect affecting ones future

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