Unwillingly a Witch



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By Rachel Fisher

ISBN: 9781847478146
Published: 2008
Pages: 248
Key Themes: ritual abuse, witchcraft, schizophrenia, recovery, Christianity


This is a raw and incredibly bleak account of ritual abuse which ruined a young life. A young girl is raped, initiated into a fascination for all things occult, and ends up praying to the Devil in secret and with terrible consequences. She dare not tell her secrets, or else

But Rachel does eventually tell those secrets as we meet the weird and wonderful Mrs. Psychiatrist and the dreaded Reverend Squeaky Clean, both of whom attempt to help her in entirely different ways. Whose way will win?

Sadly, this account is a true one and it is only the authors unique and amazing sense of humour that prevents this story being too shocking.

About the Author

Rachel survived! Following time spent in a psychiatric hospital, and intensive sessions with a consultant psychiatrist, she went on to graduate from university with 1st class honours in Theology! Unable to work because of physical health problems, she now devotes her time to her many hobbies and to writing.

Now a grandmother in her fifties, she lives in Wales with her husband and family. She is a devoted Christian.

1 review for Unwillingly a Witch

  1. John Harley (verified owner)

    An honest and intrusive look into paranoid schizoprenia and the effects on the person and the people around them, an intelligent piece of writing

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