Unspent Possibilities


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Poetry Of Light And Shade
By Jennifer Syrkiewicz

ISBN: 978-1-84991-024-8
Published: 2009
Pages: 71
Key Themes: poetry, bipolar affective disorder, hope, empowerment



‘Unspent Possibilities’ is Jennifer’s first volume of poetry. It explores the impact which Bipolar Disorder has upon those who have the condition, and works through these effects to ultimately realise a position of hope.

About the Author

Jennifer Syrkiewicz has been writing all her life, drawing from a mixture of personal experience and imagination to inform her fiction.

Diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder, Jennifer wrote her first novel, ‘Gardening in the Dark’, to raise awareness of the condition and express how Bipolar affects the lives of both the person diagnosed, and those around them. Since writing the novel, Jennifer has set up a support group for the condition in her area.

Jennifer was born in 1976, in Yorkshire. Following a meandering trail across the UK to attend various universities, she is now happily settled in North Yorkshire with her husband Paul and two dogs. She runs a small Communications business and spends most of her time blogging, writing articles and producing fiction and poetry.

Book Extract


A certain time in time, and so we stand,
Alone, we feel, with little left to say.
With nothing more than queries in our hands,
And very little light left to the day.
So long, these hours torn off the bigger sheet,
Ripped from the book which has planned out this page,
The smiles we take, the friends we will soon meet,
So quick to smile, or smart with sudden rage.
And yet beneath this thinly crumpled line,
A darker ink has spread like black-glazed night.
The pen will shed its innards, with a sign,
Expressing fear with every word it writes
There are no words to explain how to be,
Nor answers for those questions that we see.


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