Understanding your emotions


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This book is written by the father of possibly the greatest rugby league player of all time the legendary Martin Offiah. Success leaves clues.
Martin scored 480 tries in 462 professional rugby league matches most notably for Widness, Wigan and Great Britain. Martin may not agree with all of his dads views but his dad was a big influence on his upbringing and Martin help onto any success principles that his father demonstrated.

The word legacy always seemed to me something that was meant for historical script left to exalt the life of somebody famous who had no real relevance to my life. After reading the words of George Okay Offiah in this book. Words that have helped shape the lives of many Offiahs. I feel my dads legacy should rightly be shared with whoever cares to understand the thing that makes us human. He was a man who believed knowledge was for sharing. The understanding of our complex network of thoughts free will and emotions can literally make or break us.


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