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My Childhood Memories
By Rebecca Morgan

ISBN: 9781849912235
Published: 2010
Pages: 72
Key Themes: poetry, childhood, mental health, family


Using diaries written from an early age, Rebecca gives an evocative portrayal of her childhood in Hertfordshire. She reflects on her upbringing with her parents and her four siblings and tries to trace the origins of her mental health problems. She acknowledges the difficulties in her past such as her fathers heavy drinking and the stresses within the family which pervade into her grown up self. Many of the memories are happy ones but there is an underlying insecurity and anxiety which linger into her adult life.

About the Author

Rebecca Morgan was born in Hertfordshire in 1951. She obtained a degree in Modern History and Politics from Sheffield University in 1973, followed by a Post-Graduate Diploma in Librarianship from Birmingham Polytechnic in 1975.

In 1978 she became a Chartered Librarian and has worked for 20 years for Sheffield Libraries, Archives and Information Service.
She has experienced severe depression, postnatal depression and psychotic illness during her life.

Rebecca is married with one son and lives in Sheffield.
This is her second book, following her vivid picture of her years of mental illness in Hertfordshire and Sheffield portrayed in her first book. The Nest of Sanity also published by Chipmunka Publishing.

Rebecca Morgan is a pseudonym.


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