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By Roland Moore

ISBN: 978-1-84747-649-4
Published: 2008
Pages: 23
Key Themes: philosophy, humour, academia, satire, mental breakdown, recovery


Intellectual stimulation is not so easy to come by these days – especially in a form that does not require you to squeeze your logic box in so many different ways that the sheer effort to maintain a meaningful relationship with whatever your mind is engaged with has forced you to sacrifice any and all of the pleasure you were hoping to gain from the experience. If that last sentence made any sense whatsoever to you then Ultimus is for you. Philosophy without tears, logical extrapolation without strain. A celebration of the human mind and its unfailing ability to run with a concept without hesitating, repeating or deviating from its essential meaning and eventually bring you back to where you started from, a little more honed and sharper in your perception, a little more refreshed with the possibilities of your own original insights regarding your good self and the amazing universe from which you sprang – a double miracle you should never take for granted. To say more would needlessly delay you from the experience itself, while to have said less would have left you unprepared; with these two points in mind, if I now withdraw and leave you to your own investigation, you will understand if I say we are both well acquitted.

About the Author

Born in Oxford, I have had a number of jobs the longest of which was a furniture salesman. A breakdown while working at the post office severely marginalized me and eventually led me to therapy through creative writing. I am extremely grateful to Jason Pegler’s Publishing House and the opportunity it gives me to put this work in the public domain.

Book Extract

(The Preamble)


Did you read the main heading? Did you actually feel its impact – really – or did your snapshot mind flit over it with its normal cursory attention? (No matter. Whatever your first impressions are you are now inexorably walking towards the light… Keep reading. Keep breathing. Your metamorphosis into a dazzling butterfly of peerless cosmic insight is assured)

Are you ready to embrace the full scope such a statement embodies? Look at it again and genuinely consider the possibility that in some obscure corner of a purely digitalized and electronic universe – itself an exact and glorious reflection of our evolution so far – such a sequence of words could present themselves, and be an authentic – if slightly understated – representation of what is to come…

Are you prepared for a transformation of conviction and thinking so penetrating, you will count anything that occurred before as the inadvertent stumbling of an intellect so lost in the cultural haze of vacuous analysis and pinball fatuousness representing itself as substance and truth, it was completely unaware of its own desperate condition… Here and now, as you begin to uncover the last single piece of the jigsaw that has been missing for so long that makes perfect axiomatic sense of the whole organic growing cathedral-like edifice, that is your life… are you ready, for this Final Culminatory Understanding…?

Have you ever wondered what – beyond the simple drives that very necessarily motivate and satisfy you – is the reason for your presence here?

Have you ever reflected on the nature, function and limits or lack of them, of your analytical perception?

Why is pain in all its multifarious forms, a characteristic of life?

Is their an obvious and locatable truth so powerfully resonant with our nature, it could solve every problem that currently besets are divided species?

Are Ufo’s and their occupants real?

Do they really signify some emerging component of our collective psyche, or are we in all our wondrous complexity, the mere reflection of an evolving idea in theirs?

These and other irrelevancies, are completely passed over in this contemporary masterwork of unprecedented clarity; in the process of reading of which, you will completely reinvent both yourself and your relationship to everything – and at last cut through the fog that has benighted human thinking ever since the cave-people felt the first tweak of puzzlement that denoted the dawning presence of irony in their lives, prefiguring their inevitable development – as you bask in a series of realizations so refreshing, you will be drinking from the unfailing fountain of life-enhancing wisdom they generate, as long as reason serves you – and serve you, I am here to tell you, it does and always will as long as breathe animates your mortal frame.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Without Further Procrastination. I Give You:

Ultimus The Earthshaker



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