Twilight Moon


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By David Stocks

ISBN: 978-1-78382-007-8
Published: 2013
Pages: 149
Key Themes: Mental Health, Fiction, Bipolar, Depression, Psychosis, Fantasy


Joshua and his three-legged dog, Trinity, take a twilight walk in the woods. When Trinity chases a deer they are taken into an eerie twilight world; a world of strange creatures and weird landscapes.

Joshua battles with his own bipolar mental health condition, never sure that what he is experiencing is real, or the psychotic symptoms of his condition.

Joshua’s journey reflects the author’s own experiences with psychosis and whilst the story is a fantasy, the issues tackled are very real.

In order to return home Joshua must complete a quest to restore harmony to the twilight world into which he has stepped. He meets many friends along the way, battling with dangerous demons in a journey of a lifetime through the magical twilight world.

About the Author

David has a long term bipolar mental health condition. He has been on an exciting personal journey since first experiencing mental health problems 13 years ago.

He has campaigned on mental health issues for Rethink and has been a member of Rethink’s Public Affairs Committee and West Midlands Regional Committee.

David has also campaigned on disability issues for Radar (now Disability Rights UK). His campaigning work for both Radar and Rethink has included speaking at the 2008 Party conferences and in Parliament. He has also given evidence to the Speakers Conference, on the important issue of proportional representation and diversity within Parliament and worked closely with the Government on the subsequent Access to Elected Office consultation.

David has also worked with the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB) on the important subject of Financial capability and Mental health.

David currently sits on ITV Central’s diversity panel, advising on diversity issues for Central TV.

David has contributed to Radar’s and Rethink’s own magazines. He has also recently contributed to ‘1 in 4’ mental health magazine. Other media appearances have included talking about his mental health experiences on BBC Radio’s Today programme, BBC Two’s Working Lunch and articles in The Guardian, Observer and Sunday Times newspapers.

David has graduated from Radar’s previous leadership programmes and successfully applied for the position of the Empowerment Manager. Through his leadership work David has been able to change people’s lives and make many disabled people leaders in their own right. David’s leadership work was acknowledged when he was selected to become a Paralympic torchbearer in recognition of the work he had done for disabled people. This was an experience of a lifetime and one he will never forget.

Book Extract

I looked at the leprechaun who was no taller than a child and replied, “I was hoping my stay was going to be short; can you tell us the way back please?”
“Ah, that’s not so easy now is it, with the moon and twilight being what it is.”

I looked at the moon, which hung blue in the twilight sky and questioned, “What’s the moon and twilight got to do with it?”

“The twilight moon is the time to cross; return too soon and you will be lost.”

I had by now had enough of this cryptic Leprechaun and retorted, “Can you tell us the way back or not?”

“What’s the rush? Enjoy your stay but just watch out for the beast I pray.”

Then with a flash our cheeky little friend on the branch was gone.

My rational mind told me I must be seeing things; psychotic illusions can be one of the symptoms of bipolar. Yet I had never experienced such vivid and real illusions in the past. Still I questioned my sanity, refusing to believe what I had seen and heard was real. I looked down at Trinity for reassurance, only to find she was gazing back up at me with her faithful eyes, seemingly unperturbed by our recent encounter. It was great to have such a trusting dog; the only problem was that right now I didn’t trust my mind and could no longer distinguish between what was real and unreal.

“Right,” I said more to myself than Trinity, “let’s find our way out of here.”

We were now in a glade with a grassy hummock in its centre. Just a short climb and we should have a good view over the forest.

I beckoned Trinity to follow and started climbing the mound. All at once I heard the sounds of small bells tinkling around us. Psychosis seemed to be taking hold of my mind, with unreal sounds and visions plaguing me. I looked at Trinity who seemed oblivious to the bells and kept climbing. The further we climbed, the more bells I heard. I became more and more convinced that I was losing my mind especially when I heard the sounds of laughter, sweet and clear around me.

What madness is this that I hear bells and laughter, yet see nothing but grass and trees?

A flash of light caught my eye but was gone before I could focus on it. I turned hoping to see where it had gone, but nothing was there. Soon I began glimpsing more flashes of light but was never able to see what was causing it. The light seemed to be accompanied by more sweet laughter, almost as if it was mocking me. I tried to ignore it and kept walking up the hillock. How far had I travelled from the real world since setting off on this twilight walk?

As I neared the top of the hillock daisies and buttercups appeared amongst the grass, which were most unusual for this time of year. What awaited me at the top was even more extraordinary though. As I rounded the top of the hillock before me was what I could only describe as a fairy court. Sat upon a buttercup throne was the fairy queen in gowns of gossamer and gold. All around her was the fairy court, resplendent in yellow tunics and silver dresses. The fairies flew around the hill top with translucent wings shimmering like rainbows in the moonlight. Tiny bells tinkled attached to hats and dresses and there was laughter all around. Each fairy was only a few inches high; no bigger than a large butterfly.

“Welcome to my fairy mound mortals. What brings you to twilight woods this eve?” greeted the queen in a chiming voice.

“Err … Hello your majesty,” I answered hesitantly. “We got lost in the woods and do not know how we came here.”

“You were found then my mortal friends. Was it a deer perchance?”

“A red stag, tall and proud!” I exclaimed. “Trinity chased it and now we are here.”

“The stag is a creature of two worlds and can cross over on a twilight moon. The stag found you and brought you here; for what purpose I currently don’t know.”

“How, may I ask, are we to get back?”

“Return you shall, but not yet I am afraid. There is a reason for you being here and until your purpose has been resolved, here you shall stay.”

“Cannot the red stag lead us back?”

“He is lord of two worlds and will only return when he feels you have achieved that which is set out for you.”

“You speak in riddles,” I sighed.


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