Twilight Moon


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By David Stocks

ISBN: 978-1-78382-000-9
Published: 2013
Pages: 194
Key Themes: Mental Health, Fiction, Bipolar, Depression, Psychosis, Fantasy


Joshua and his three-legged dog, Trinity, take a twilight walk in the woods. When Trinity chases a deer they are taken into an eerie twilight world, a world of strange creatures and weird landscapes.

Joshua battles with his own bipolar mental health condition, never sure that what he is experiencing is real, or the psychotic symptoms of his condition.

Joshuas journey reflects the authors own experiences with psychosis and whilst the story is a fantasy, the issues tackled are very real.

In order to return home Joshua must complete a quest to restore harmony to the twilight world into which he has stepped. He meets many friends along the way, battling with dangerous demons in a journey of a lifetime through the magical twilight world.

About the Author

David has a long term bipolar mental health condition. He has been on an exciting personal journey since first experiencing mental health problems 13 years ago.

He has campaigned on mental health issues for Rethink and has been a member of Rethinks Public Affairs Committee and West Midlands Regional Committee.

David has also campaigned on disability issues for Radar now Disability Rights UK . His campaigning work for both Radar and Rethink has included speaking at the 2008 Party conferences and in Parliament. He has also given evidence to the Speakers Conference, on the important issue of proportional representation and diversity within Parliament and worked closely with the Government on the subsequent Access to Elected Office consultation.

David has also worked with the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Consumer Financial Education Body (CFEB) on the important subject of Financial capability and Mental health.

David currently sits on ITV Centrals diversity panel, advising on diversity issues for Central TV.


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