Trust Yourself


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By Alexandria R Wesley

ISBN: 9781849912877
Published: 2010
Pages: 72
Key Themes: poetry, sexual abuse, OCD, spirituality, empowerment


The book is a story of my childhood written in poems. I am an incest survivor. As a child I was forced to take part in many rituals as my family worshiped satan. Many times I thought I would be killed. I was also forced to abuse others. These poems were written over seven years as I learned these things about my family and myself, as I learned the history that I was brought up to believe wasnt true. Instead of a perfect christian home, I was abused, and brought up to worship satan.

About the Author

Alex lives in East Lansing Mi with her 2 cats, and her Psychiatric Service dog. She has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She enjoys spending time with her wonderful boyfriend, Dan. She is the last of 8 kids. Both parents have died along with 3 of her siblings. She was born on Nov 15,1963. She grew up In a Christian family, and grew up in church.


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