Trajectories To The Moon


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By Sarah McBride

ISBN: 9781849912044
Published: 2009
Pages: 111
Key Themes: poetry, symbolism, humour


Sarah uses her many life experiences to explore the human psyche. Sarahs love of words and the poignant pictures they evoke shine through in many of her pieces of work. Although many of the subjects are of a serious nature her profound sense of humour and her understanding of the absurdity of life are self evident.
This book will appeal to a wide audience, each picking out a particular poem that communicates to them as an individual. Sarahs use of words to paint mind pictures, such as two little shoes, where she uses that as a symbolism of loss, will catch the imagination that perhaps visual art some times can not.

About the Author

Sarah then trained and worked as a nurse doing stints at General, Psychiatric and Mentally Handicap hospitals.
Sarah was a student nurse in a psychiatric hospital in Gloucester when she became pregnant with her oldest son Jonathan. The father was not in a position to marry her though he would have liked too.
So she found herself in a mother and baby home in Bristol where Jonathan was born at South Meads hospital.

Sarah then took a live in nursing job at Bridgwater Somerset where she met Brian Cavill, the man who was to become her husband. They married in Jan 1967. Sarah had a happy 6 months when in June 1967 Jonathan contracted T.B. Meningitis he was in a coma for 6 weeks and was badly brain damaged.

Sarah and Brian took him home and looked after him as best they could, while Jonathan was in a coma his sister Angela was born.
After Sarahs fourth and last child was born she was diagnosed bi-polar disorder and spent many months over the following years in Psychiatric units. The result was her marriage broke down and was divorced in 2005
Sarah was separated when she met William Dodd they have an instant rapport and in 2008 he asked her to move in with him. This she did and is very happy, hoping to be married to him next year, 2010.


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