To Schizophrenia and Back



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By Annie Moon

ISBN: 97818474650
Published: 2008
Pages: 260
Key Themes: schizophrenia, sectioning, psychosis, mental health services, recovery, education, personal achievement, qualifying as a social worker


To Schizophrenia and Back is Annies extremely brave and personal story of her life with schizophrenia. This book covers all aspects of Annies battle with schizophrenia, which she, rather unusually, tackles from all points of view including from others with different perceptions of the problems she faces. Annie has adapted this book herself from the diaries she has kept through all her psychotic episodes. She has been detained many times under the Mental Health Act and at one time was told that she would never work again. But Annie has come through all this and the fact that she is now embarking on a new career is testament to the strength of her determination to beat her illness.

About the Author

Annie Moon is a trained nurse and is soon to be a social worker. She is also a mother, wife, friend and patient service user. Annie has suffered from severe schizophrenia for many years, she has suffered many bouts of psychosis which have resulted in many months spent in detention. She is currently in the final year of a social work degree. With this book Annie aims to enlighten people and offer hope to those affected.

1 review for To Schizophrenia and Back

  1. Amanda Mayers (verified owner)

    I found this inspirational to all those involved when a loved one has schizophrenia. It offers hope for the future, ways to manage the condition and advice for professionals involved in caring for those affected- an all round good read.

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