To Help You Understand Me


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By Emma Hayes

ISBN: 978-1-78382-126-6
Published: 2014
Pages: 47
Key Themes: Mental Health, Biography, Depression, Self Harm, Suicide, Recovery, Self-Help


To help you understand me is a book written over a ten year period following the authors battle with depression, self harm and a suicide attempt. Its raw, deep and emotional and by the end of it you will feel that you know the author inside and out. You will be brought to tears from laughter and sorrow.

You get an inside look into what it is like to be in the headspace of a depressed person, understanding ones triggers, battling the mental heath system and the journey of medication and psychologists.

To help you understand me will also give you techniques to self help if you are depressed and how families can understand and help individuals in this situation.

About the Author

Emma Hayes born on 18/4/1982 resides on the Mornington Peninsula. Since 2000 to 2009 Emma has studied Certificate iv Disability studies, Achieved a Bachelor Of Applied Science Disability Studies, Finished half a nursing degree until she felt her time would be better spent studying Counselling and majoring in Abnormal Psychology. Emma has worked in the health and mental health field for the past 12 years. Emma volunteers her time also running a forum on facebook helping individuals all over the world with their mental health issues and was recently nominated for a LIFE award for all her work she does in suicide prevention.

Book Extract

I never thought I would be sitting down sharing my battles to the world however, the more I put it off the more I am drawn back to this project, my project, my story, my battles with depression and how it nearly ended my young life.

This book is not to give you all of the medical facts about depression because I’m sure if you suffer from it or someone you love does, you have read endless information on the crippling illness. I speak to endless mothers who are desperately trying to understand what there sons and daughters are going through but as most people know when your suffering from the illness it’s the last thing you want to talk about and hardest thing to talk about, it slowly silences you even though deep down you can be crying out with your whole heart for someone to understand you.

I know, I’ve been there, and now it is my time to dig down deep into my emotions and explain what so many can’t who live with depression. This is my story from my early 20’s into my 30’s, my life with a mental illness.


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