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By Daniel ‘D. Servant’ Mendes

ISBN: 9781783825592
Published: 2020
Pages: 154
Key Themes: memoir,


‘The red dribble

Bones failing
Remember the crutches I did need
The sleepless nights the wars
I risk my life please believe
For nothing I could feel in the ring
A KO or even if I died
Would hurt as much as if I never tried’

‘As a professional boxer, most people around me only see the finale – me stepping into the ring, in great physical shape and performing well under the lights and cameras. Amidst the occasion, it is easy to assume that everything is fine’
Asthmatic Professional Boxer and Poet Daniel ‘D. Servant’ Mendes shares his T.I.S.S.U.E.S an extensive collection of poetry where he makes public some of his more intimate altercations and his ‘Behind the Lines’ account of each creation.
Here we delve into the depths of his struggles in life and as a boxer. He exposes his emotions, friendships, family, mental health issues, fears, suicidal thoughts, relationships and spirituality. Whilst making public his experiences with racism, death, drug addiction, abortion, whilst divulging in his political stance, views on poverty, police brutality and other current affairs.

‘Poetry is… My Sayonara, farewell
As I lay in the grave
Insurance I shall live on
Through every page’

About the Author

Birmingham born now residing in London Daniel Mendes is a professional boxer whose intellect and depth is not confined to the ropes of the squared circle.
Long before he was to hear the ring of the opening bell, as an amatuer or professionally boxer he battled with his most consistent opponent, himself, life and the arsenal that came his way. Daniel found comfort and solidarity in Poetry, which accompanied him into a top 10 ranking of professional boxers in the UK and a Southern Area Title.

“Everything I write is from the heart. I write about the things I believe in and stand for,” he says.

“If you inhale and exhale there is something in this book for you” Daniel boldly promises.
Aside from exchanging venomous punches and penning his passions and experiences Mr Mendes manages to work full-time as a behaviour mentor for teenagers who are excluded or on the verge of exclusion from mainstream education. Ironic as Daniel himself found himself permanently excluded.
Daniel also believes that his experiences have a lot to teach any of us who are in danger of feeling overwhelmed by the challenges we face.
There were certain points on this journey where, like most, my mental health has been tested but I did not express this to family. Instead, I found a way to remedy my emotional conflicts by myself, through poetry. Self-expression is essential for one’s own wellbeing and in this current climate where we are becoming increasingly aware of Mental health, I believe that expressive forms such as poetry, have the power to be natural remedies.

He says. “My ambition is to try and inspire as many people as I can. It makes my life worthwhile if I can give others the hope that they can achieve, no matter where they’re coming from. That’s my short- and my long-term goal.”


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