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By Oritsesemisan Megbele

ISBN: 978-1-78382-6087
Published: 2021
Pages: 433
Key Themes: Mental Health, Depression, Bipolar, Manic Depression


These books have been written to uncover the human consciousness. It takes its readers into rhythms within and outside the scope of mental health issues. Its content is left for its reader to ascertain if reality had been depicted and necessary actions which need to be taken to be put forward. It contains three books in just one book.

Universities students could feel the pinch of tuition fees or loans the author has written three books for financial reason he cuts three books into just one book based on the contents of these three books are his own experiences. Anyone who loves reading and wants to understand more about the human mind and consciousness in everyday life settings should get hold of it.

Since we always seem to have new dimension of our world to explore, we should as well learn to take things as they come. He uses the opportunity to thank those who have been donating money or their time towards mental health. We all want our voice heard how, we go about having our voice heard, ought to be narrated.

It is left for his readers to rate these three books based on their contents. The author, consider it to be of certain quality and standard when put into the scopes of mental health issues and about life in general.

The author wants to express inner views how; the mind works is of great importance to us and our environment in, our relationship and what we think personally of the world we dwell in. Reading this book not only express the mind, the nature of human beings and, the nature of things in real life settings. The author portrays this written work in a unique way based on more than just inner consciousness. The books are titled: 1) ITS AN EXPRESSION 2) ITS NOT A MISCONCEPTION and 3) I KNOW MY STANCE.

About the Author

My first encounter with mental illness was over seventeen years ago in the spring of 1996. I was diagnosed with chronic depression and admitted to a private clinic in Windsor. Looking for a quick fix that would enable me to return to work I had a course of ECT treatment. I did return to work in 1998 and then begun a series of highs and lows that would later be diagnosed as Bipolar Affective Disorder. Between 2001 and 2010 I had five episodes of mania and was sectioned and hospitalised on four occasions. Two of the four periods of hospitalisation were in psychiatric intensive care units. I had the same number of chronic lows but these were treated in the community with medication and cognitive therapies. I do not regret having this illness as I now believe I can help others and leave a legacy.


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