Thoughts of a Conversational Mind


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By Nicholas William Burnley

ISBN: 978-1-84991-666-0
Published: 2011
Pages: 50
Key Themes: Mental Health, Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder


Thoughts of a Conversational Mind, manages to capture the intense emotional swing of Borderline Personality Disorder. Each title within the book not only captures the moment but manages to place you in the same emotional expanse that the author went through. Love, depression, fear, death, family, all which have captivated this conveyer of words to put pen to paper and shares his most powerful of thoughts.

About the Author

Nicholas W. Burnley was born in 1984 in Scarborough North Yorkshire. Eldest of four brothers, struggled to find a place in the world for many years. The symptoms of both conditions began to show very early on and after leaving home in 2004, his mental decline became more apparent. Having three hospital admissions over the last two years he has found his way forward in words. He was diagnosed with severe depression in 2005, and Borderline Personality Disorder in 2009. He welcomes you to his mind, his thoughts and his future.

Book Extract

Bulging bank accounts,
Numbers bursting through the screen like an overloaded shopping bag,
Greedy acquisitions,
Finer living, not no frills,
Cars with diamond plated wheels,
Platinum covered cutlery,
Lavish parties continuing until the rise of the bats,
Colossal entertainment screens consume square meters,
Face projected in the media,
Scents confused with finance,
Never quiet sleeping quarters,
People like a revolving door, enter then exit your life,
Companions not commitment,
A man ponders, what is wealth, to me?
He sits in a coffee shop, recollecting all these components,
A man, tatty, with a canine friend passes the window,
The man sighs ‘he is wealthier then I‘


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