This Tangled Web


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By Kate Swift

ISBN: 9781849912761
Published: 2010
Pages: 110
Key Themes: poetry, sexual abuse, mental illness


This Tangled Web is one womans journey from victim to survivor. It is the untangling of a web created by the pain of childhood sexual abuse. The author brings you to the centre of the web through her poetry and art, allowing you to see the journey through her eyes. This book has been written with other survivors in mind. It was always Kates desire to one day use her poetry for the benefit of other survivors. Remembering her own unquenchable thirst for knowledge and something to relate to, this is one womans attempt to untangle the web and help other survivors to achieve this too.

About the Author

Kate Swift was born into a family of 5 other siblings in the spring of 1977. Kates early years were not a great introduction into family life and the world around her. Her father worked hard and drank even harder, coming home to sleep off the alcohol. For Kate as a child of 3-4-5 he was a loud and scary person who ranted and raved. Kate found solace by hiding under the table until the shouting was done. Kate was a mummys girl, she adored and idolised her mother. Whilst her father was someone she felt never particularly wanted her. Kate enjoyed school and thrived on the love of her mother.


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