This And That


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By Pamela Moncrieffe

ISBN: 978-1-78382-052-8
Published: 2014
Pages: 54
Key Themes: Mental Health, Mental Illness, Manic Depression, Diary


I am Pamela Moncrieffe author of the book titled THIS AND THAT.

I was inspired to write this book because of my dealings with Doctor Elizabeth Parker my psychiatrist. Doctor Parker helped me to pick up the pieces when all had seemed to be lost.

As a West Indian my culture was some thing that also helped me, Doctor Parker helped me to hold on to what had left of the belief I had in my self, and my culture.

My age had a lot to do with my humility, humanity, and my behavioral pattern to satisfy curiosity I was born in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, in the month of July 1948. From a one can say well to do family, who came to this country for the furthering of educational status.

I for one had a run of medical studies which I did not up held for any long period of time, I was far too busy with the jet setters of the then age of young people. Even though we were young people with God fearing disposition we did some what enjoyed life to the full.

Until I became labeled with a stigmatic signification I had several clerical jobs yet I could not settle. The only thing that settles me was when I was on the type writer, and now the only time I am truly happy is when I am on the computer, trying to conclude a book, or some songs, or some poems even greeting cards. I just love writing.

Writing this book gives me the feeling that there is some thing in it for almost everyone, this book is like a message for those who feels there that they have lost hope, or those who feel that they havent got a chance left in life. It might not be writing that makes you feel whole, or self assured, but let me urge you to put what ever assimilate together and do what makes you feel self assured.

Taking control of your self will make you a person in society and not just a digit that makes up society. This book will help some one to get hold of them self and give them a reason to feel, and act constructive in their every day life, and so will be able to manage their spiritual life.

Please enjoy this and that to the ultimate.

About the Author

Pamela was born in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, in the year 1948, in the month of July.

Pamela had a semi free spirited childhood grown up part time with her birth mother, and part time w with her grand parent who was more than well to do in todays society, and very churchified her grandfather was a Deacon for the church of God in Christ, and her grandmother was the secretary for the church and all together a staunch Christian.

Pamela went to a very strict school in her early years, was very well behaved and did moderately well educationally. Pamela came to England at a very young age to join her parental parent, and took up studies as soon as she arrived in England, she was quite musical but did not do well enough to use music as a stable income.

Pamela love writing and a part from writing books Pamela also write songs but through shyness she was unable to use her song writing talents. Pamela decided to train to become a state enrolled nurse, she could not settle enough to further her training to become a state registered nurse. Pamela found nursing too confine, and found employment in the office as an accounts clerk.

Just working in the office was not enough for Pamela she took up studying again and gained several certificates such as a diploma in health and community care, and a degree in health and social care. Pamela suffers from manic depression but she do not allow it to interfere with her writing, or her expression in what, and how she feels about society


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