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Andrew Aldred

ISBN: 978-1-78382-6483
Published: 2022
Pages: 60
Key Themes: Mental Health, Depression, Bipolar, Manic Depression


This book contains opinions about current affairs, particularly the war in Ukraine and British politics, including the downfall of Boris Johnson and the economic crisis. It is about the life of the author, who is a disabled man who is nearly sixty, his opinions and how he gets on with life and the world in general. Mr Aldred has spent time in the army, prison, secure mental hospital and has worked as a teacher, a warehouseman and a mental health worker. He currently cares for his girlfriend Jane.

About the Author

Andrew Aldred went to a grammar school and started his working life in the army at the age of sixteen. When he left the army at twenty, he had substantial mental difficulties, but he passed some A levels, an NVQ in business administration and an HND in computer studies before his mental illness got too much for him and he committed a crime, stabbing his father with a kitchen knife in 1997. He went to prison and then to mental hospital where he started writing poetry. He has since written twelve books and worked as a warehouseman, a mental health support worker, and he has taught creative writing. He got married in 2011 and divorced in 2016, and still has a loving relationship with his ex-wife who he cares for at present. His hobbies include gardening, DIY, and writing.


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