Thief of Time


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By Hunney Bee

ISBN: 978-1-84991-763-6
Published: 2012
Pages: 59
Key Themes: Mental Health, Psychiatry, Recovery, Depression


Hunney Bee’s book compiles of various chapters all related to mental health. Hunney being a mental health sufferer has expressed her views and her experiences of mental health in 14 chapters. Thief of time was given its name by Hunney Bee and is Hunney’s possession of mind. Enjoy reading.

About the Author

Hunney Bee born in paddington…london…started having symptoms of insomnia and anxiousness at Paddington railway station… the age of 14…..these symptoms changed to manic depression….Hunney Bee was very intelligent at kindergarden and broke down like a shattered compact mirror when he found out his diagnosis and the fact he could not continue with his studies which would have eventually made him practice as a psychiatrist….Hunney Bee enjoys playing with his toys like Winnie and piglet as he can talk to them about mental health..he enjoys walking for charity and helping people with their problems and gets satisfaction out of making people please continue to read the book called Thief of Time…by Hunney Bee

Book Extract

Thief of time has been produced to raise awareness of mental health and the psychological impact of psychiatry.

The author is Hunney Bee.

Here is a collection of hints and tips that I have found helpful on my journey towards recovery. A guide for growing, coping and surviving, written by an individual.

Whilst travelling across troubled mountains, it is often good to know that one is not alone and that there are people out there that have similar experiences who can also join in with their knowledge.

This book provides some of the wisdom that has been acquired by such people and it is hoped that you will find many useful suggestions within its pages.

Wishing you well on your journey…………………………


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