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By Eileen Chubb

ISBN: 978-1-78382-5141
Published: 2020
Pages: 167


Book description

Categories whistle-blowing, abuse of vulnerable people, law reform,
defining the public interest Free speech, Human Rights, abuse investigations.

This book is ground-breaking because,

• It shakes the very foundations of the legal systems definition of both whistleblowing and public interest.

• It challenges the misuse of the word “Whistle-blower” by both the press and campaigns such as #MeToo.

• It exposes the shocking failures of regulators and other authorities to act on the concerns of whistle-blowers from all sectors.

• It explains why the vested interests of the compliance and legal industries have taken precedence over the public interest and public safety.

• A whistle-blower has re-written the law, with an unprecedented built in scrutiny system and a devastating common sense approach.

You will weep, feel angry and be inspired, most of all you will truly understand what whistleblowing is and how it affects everyone whether we have family in care, travel on public transport, use a bank, need a hospital, eat food, drink water or be safe as we go about our everyday lives.

If you are a journalist, lawyer, judge or a member of the public, this book is a must read.

About the Author

Eileen Chubb’s experiences have given her a unique combination of an in-depth knowledge of whistleblowing, the law related to it, and the consequences of failing to take action on concerns. From all these she has written Edna’s Law to give effective protection to whistleblowers and the public interest.

She was one of the “Bupa7”, the first case to use the Public Interest Disclosure Act, after which she founded the charity Compassion In Care in 2003 and her helpline has supported over 7000 whistleblowers and over 5000 relatives of victims of silence.

In 2014 she co-founded The Whistler with the investigative journalist Gavin MacFadyen in response to the increasing number of non-care whistleblowers requesting support.

Eileen works closely with the media to expose abuse in care settings and also the responses of the Care Quality Commission and safeguarding authorities. She has been undercover in over 300 UK care homes.

Her work with BBC Panorama “Behind Closed Doors: Elderly Care Exposed” led to 3 abusers being jailed, and she has carried out joint investigations with Heather Mills of Private Eye into how the Care Quality Commission and care home owners mislead the public. Her report CQC An Ongoing Concern exposed the care home re-registration scam. Eileen’s submission to the Law Commission consultation on Misconduct In Public Office is Should We Abolish Accountability?, and in Reality (CCTV) Check she sets out the evidence that CCTV in care homes does not improve care.

The book “Beyond The Facade” is Eileen’s moving account of the Bupa7 case. She has contributed to the books “Here We Stand”, “Shadow State”, and “Forever Young”, and “Hazards” Magazine, and is a frequent contributor to the media on care homes and whistleblowing law in all sectors.

In 2017 Eileen founded the Gavin MacFadyen Award to celebrate journalists who help whistleblowers to expose facts.

An increasing number of enquiries now come to Eileen from whistleblowers and journalists overseas and she was invited to share the platform with Thomas Drake, Daniel Ellsberg, Jesselyn Radack, Coleen Rowley, Justin Schlosberg & Norman Solomon at “Stand Up For Truth”.

Eileen campaigns against corporate funders using an All Party Parliamentary Group to influence UK whistleblowing law for their own profit-driven agenda.


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