The Total Obliteration of Hell


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By Frank Hayward

ISBN: 9781847479945
Published: 2009
Pages: 200
Key Themes: psychosis, recovery, maintenance of good health, informative, personal strength


This book describes the authors 2 periods of psychotic illness, both of which occurred during the 1980s and, whilst not originally intended as anything more than a personally satisfying way of expressing his vivid memories of these episodes, hopefully serves to evoke such illness in a manner to which sufferers former sufferers can relate, whilst at the same time rendering this from the outside baffling state a little bit more intelligible to those who have not personally experienced it. This tale is not in any way fictional, but some names have been changed.

About the Author

The author was born and grew up in north London where, shortly after turning 25, he was first admitted to hospital with mental health problems. Two years later in 1987 his illness was diagnosed as schizophrenia. He has he is glad to say now maintained fairly good health for over 15 years.


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