The Tale of The Magic Mole and More


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By Lee Pritchett

ISBN: 978-1-78382-099-3
Published: 2014
Pages: 99
Key Themes: children’s fiction, illustrations, fantasy, fairy tales


My first published book was called ‘The Tale of Greta Gumboot and Other Stories’ and was a story collection very much like this one. The second book in this series was named ‘Berty Tumblefluff and Friends’. There is also a third story collection by the name of ‘Geoffrey Bumble and Friends’. This book, the fourth in the series is for children who have read the first three collections and new readers alike. Inside there is many a magical story and rhyme. Some of the stories continue from tales in the first three books, but some are brand new tales for you to enjoy. All the drawings are my own too. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you…

About the Author

Lee Pritchett was born in March 1986, on the Isle of Wight. He went to school there and then proceeded to study IT at college. Soon after college he was diagnosed with OCD. He has since lost interest in IT (Except for writing and illustrating uses and his website of course) and at the age of twenty he wrote a children’s story based on a family member for a bit of fun called ‘The Tale of Hammy Telling and His Little Telling Tummy’. With this, the first children’s story he’d written in his adult life coming in the short list of the academy of children’s writers competition, he decided to study with them with the aim of becoming a successful and respected writer of children’s literature. He now has two published collections of children’s stories, both written and illustrated by him.

Book Extract

“Ok,” said Greta, raising her hands in the air “here goes.”
“Mole of the earth, open your eyes.
Search your way through our wood, and hear my voice try,
To summon you here, to where I now stand,
Please pause from destroying, our lovely land.
For I ask that we talk. And discuss our wood.
Perhaps we could be friends, if we just understood.”

For a moment nothing happened, but then they heard something. It was the popping sound of approaching mole hills. They were moving at super speed towards them and getting louder as it did so.

A trail of progressively bigger molehills shot up to the side of the stone around the pool. Then the three friends got a surprise. A tiny little mole, no bigger than a kitten came flying out of the final hill, jumping high in the air and landing on the stone beside them. He was cute, with white silky fur, which sparkled with glittery, white brilliance. Was this really a dark creature?”

“What you want, lady?” he asked Greta, in his squeaky, little voice. “I got a lot of work to be on with.”
“Wuff wuff wuff,” said Wilfred “wooof wooof!”
“No,” said Geoffrey “it’s not a baby rabbit, Wilfred. And I don’t think he wants a pair of stilts, at present.”
“You callin’ me short, woofy boy?” said the mole, shaking a fist.
“Wuff.” replied Wilfred, cowering back and covering his eyes.
“Ok,” smiled the mole. “But don’t say it again.”


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