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Adventures of Autistic Man

By Nicholas Robinson

ISBN: 978-1-78382-124-2
Published: 2014
Pages: 103
Key Themes: Mental Health, Autism, Asperger’s, Diary, Adventure


Have you ever thought about doing 101 things before you Die?

What if you made your adventures into a reality, how far would you go?

For Nicholas Robinson these two questions became a reality. Nicholas has Asperger Syndrome and Adult Ad-Hd, he decided in January 2010 that he would make his life adventurous. Since 2010 to July 2013 Nicholas has experienced over one-hundred adventures, each adventure being different from the one before. Nicholas’ adventures have nearly cost him his life and some adventures were taken to such extremes they resulted in Nicholas taking an overdose.

Nicholas is only one of a few people who have experienced 101 things before you die, and has come out the other side and survived to tell his tale.

About the Author/Book Extract

The Kingfisher is a beautiful Bird sitting on a Branch by the River watching for Fish in the stream. The Joys of basic life and the stillness that belongs to it.

My Name is Nicholas Robinson I have Asperger Syndrome and AdultAd-hd, I am 36 years old and my passion is Adventure. My Day World I am Archive Medical Clerk, my enjoyment comes from my Heart and my Imagination. My Imagination is endless, I am always thinking of New Adventures like how can I go, how fast can I run and where is the Edge.

I am Austitc, being that I enjoy set patterns and I don’t like to alter my Adventures in any way. My Austism that I have nearly cost me my life in the Earlier part of 2013. I took my Adventures to an extreme level resulting in me taking an Overdose.

Like any Adventurer there has to be a beginning, my beginning to my Adventures starts with a Bungee Jump at Salford Quays, Manchester in 2010 and the ending to my Adventure Story finishes with me in a Hospital Bed waiting to become an Angel.

I have experienced over hundred different adventures. I have enjoyed every Adventure that I have done. I have kept a very open mind through-out my experiences.

When I started my Adventures I told myself that I would explore all kinds of experiences from stunt plane flights to Dry Floatation Therapy.

The Kingfisher watches the Water, the quite stillness of the Countryside that surround the Kingfisher’s World doesn’t distract the Kingfisher from focusing on the Water. Suddenly the Kingfisher dives into the water, the Kingfisher has caught his Fish and the Kingfisher purpose in the World is now complete. Once again the Kingfisher perches on a branch and watches the Water for another Fish in the Kingfisher Beautiful suroundings.


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