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Living With Autism
By Trudy Marwick

ISBN: 9781847477798
Published: 2008
Pages: 260
Key Themes: autism, aspergers, family experience, information, advice

Book Description and About the Author

Trudy Marwick was born in South East London in 1965. She has spent most of her life living around London. Now living in Orkney and married to Malcolm and bringing up their children.

Her childhood spent trying to catch up with her brother and avoid bullying at school, she drifted into Teacher Training College but left after 2 years. She trained and worked in Personnel but now spends most of her time doing local voluntary work. Following years of research into Disability, particularly Autism and Aspergers syndrome Trudy could see some similarities between her childhood and that of her son.

Having been told at school that her stories lacked imagination, and were poorly put together, Trudy didnt feel confident about her writing. This is the first subject she has felt passionate enough about to overcome her fears of rejection and she wants her story to make a difference to others. Her insights into living with autism will be challenging and interesting to others who face diagnosis or who work alongside those with a diagnosis. Sometimes sharing the humour, sometimes the tears.

Researching her sons diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder made Trudy face her own difficulties. She shares her journey of lifes ups and downs living with autism.

5 reviews for The Q Factor

  1. Dara Freeman (verified owner)

    It’s so damn good. I love how it’s shocking and yet so funny too. i recommend this to any young person let alone someone with mental health problems. Ruby’s life is mad but true and she writes about it so well. I can’t wait to hear more from her.

  2. T. Dinh (verified owner)

    I got this book and it was absolutely brilliant, Ruby’s been through some unbelievably crazy stuff but her sense of humour is brilliant throughout! And what a journey! It’s heartwarming to know that somebody who has had such a life can achieve some amazing things and has done the things she has, and it serves to teach us all that we can learn something from her. Whether we have an illness or not.

  3. trudy Mmarwick (verified owner)

    I just read your book and am very impressed with how you manage your own AS and also your son’s ASD – with humour and perseverance. Well done on a wonderful book

  4. Catherine Turnbull (verified owner)

    Was your book review ok and have you had any comments? I enjoyed reading it and think it will help a lot of other people. It was very personal and frank which made it so interesting.
    All the best
    Catherine Turnbull

  5. Sarah Kennedy (verified owner)

    An excellent insight into the day to day struggles of parenting an autistic child as well as a voyage of self discovery into an adult diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome. It’s well worth anyone reading in order to gain more understanding of autism. Parts of it made me cry, parts made me laugh and all of it made me proud to know the author and child involved. Well done Trudy. You’re doing a brilliant job!

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