The Pirate Who Loved Me


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About the book:
By Anthony Fox

ISBN: 978-1-78382-555-3
Published: 2020
Pages: 296


Fate has a way of finding its direction, and for two young souls this is when the story begins. The year was 1667 and the previous year England had just suffered from the great fire of London. And England was also at war with Holland. England was a successful seafaring nation at this time, and so was Holland. It was a war between two great nations over the riches of the colonies and the trade routes that they controlled. At the same time, pirates were the scourge of the seas around the world.

About the Author

Born in London, England and as a child, he lived in Australia and America and went to school in America. At 16, he Joined the Bideford School of Art studying life drawing and painting. He finds a lot of inspiration from many different genres in art and life.

Studied at Plymouth and Sunderland Universities gaining a MSc in Software Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) and BSc Hons in Computing.
Author of:
How to Pass a Degree with Confidence
It’s Never Too Late
A Space Time Apocalypse
Babylon: The Gateway to the Gods
Artist on: Fine Art America Visit My Gallery Here


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