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London 2012 – A Fan’s Recollection from the Perspective of
An Asperger and Depression Survivor

By Tim Price

ISBN: 978-1-78382-075-7
Published: 2014
Pages: 65
Key Themes: Mental Health, Mental Illness, Asperger’s Syndrome, Depression, Olympics, London 2012


This book consists of the how the London 2012 Olympic games was enjoyed by everybody around the world, especially by me!

It is now over a year since the London Olympics, there was a celebration after I year.

I decided to write a new book to remind me and readers of this exciting event and to bring back some very happy memories.

Just because a person has some mental health issues it does not mean that they cannot gain a great deal of enjoyment from watching the Olympics and watching sport in general, not just the Olympics, all sporting events at this level

The games were fantastic to watch and were a great success and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them.

The book focuses on some of the major Olympic sporting events that I am particularly interested in, I have also recalled some of the media statements at the time and added my views.

I have described my visit to see the Olympic Torch in Crewe and also to our trip to Old Trafford to watch Japan verses Egypt at the Olympic football Quarter Final.

I think the Olympic Games book will inspire people, including those with Mental Health issues, to be involved in watching top quality sport.

The Olympic Games in London 2012 was enjoyed by the athletes and spectators all over the World.

About the Author

Tim Price was affected by lack of oxygen when he was born in 1973. He was first diagnosed with a mental health problem in 1990, it was called Depression. This was shortly after leaving school and entering Further Education.

People can develop several different kinds of mental health issues or problems; they may need the experience of medical staff in hospitals like the Priory, Leighton, Macclesfield or other Mental Health Units.

Tim later discovered, with the help of Dr Lorna Wing, that he had Asperger’s Syndrome.

This was early in 1994.

He received help from staff with experience of mental health problems.

The mental health team found appropriate accommodation for Tim. He receives help from carers every week.

Recovery took a long time with help from hospitals, carers from the Mental Health Unit, his friends and family.

He has already had two books published by Chipmunka called “How to Improve Mental Health” which describes the practical and other activities that he has achieved, since he began to get better and “My Insight into the Computing World” which describes how Tim has used computers over the years, to help him to learn.

Tim is normally a positive, happy person and he joins in activities whenever he can.

Tim has enjoyed sport all his life, including the Olympic Games, and supporting various sporting events whenever he can.

Book Extract


It is now over a year since the Olympic Games were held in London. Thousands of people were involved as athletes, volunteers and spectators at the events.

We have just had the celebration of the London 2012 Olympics, the Anniversary Games, in the London Olympic Games stadium with Jessica Ennis Hill, taking part and Mo Farah running the 10,000 meters, it was a fantastic celebration of the past year and it brought some nice memories flooding back. (After the Olympic Games Jessica Ennis has got married and she is now called Jessica Ennis Hill).

Many more people in England and all over the world watched it on TV, including me.

An Olympics to show the world what we can achieve.

The wind is blowing warm in the London 2012 Olympic Games.

One year on our memories are beginning to fade but this book will help me to recall the events and remind me of how much I enjoyed the games. I hope that the legacy of the London games will inspire people to participate in sport at all levels.

I think that the Olympic games were fantastic to watch and enjoy with many different sports involved all of which I thoroughly enjoyed watching.

The London Olympic Games were so exciting and enjoyable in London in 2012.

And to the future. Rio will be the next venue. I am really looking forward to the next games.

This book is a collection of my interpretation of headlines, from the English media in 2012, about the Games and some of the sports involved. I have also written about my own opinions which, hopefully, will give readers some insight into my enjoyment of this major sporting event.

People who have, or have had, mental health illnesses should consider taking a real interest in sports like the Olympic Games. A strong interest in these can help to improve their mental health, in my opinion.

This book is meant for everybody to read and it is meant to inspire people in sport and in the Olympic Games and in the future as well, this will help people with different kinds of mental health issues to become interested in sport.

This will help everyone to become sporting people, in general and Olympic supporters, in particular. This can only assist everyone to get better because of their interest in sport.

The city of London was not expected to stage the 2012 Olympics, it was a massive surprise and generated a lot of expectation. It was very exciting and enjoyable to watch the Olympic Games in London 2012, this book gives a personal experience of the Olympic Games, as well looking forward to Rio in 2016, the next Olympic Games.


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