The Mystic Ill Man


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By Greg Bauder

ISBN: 978-1-84747-573-2
Published: 2008
Pages: 83
Key Themes: fiction, schizophrenia, love, fantasy, adventure



THE MYSTIC ILL MAN is the continuing story of
Don, a schizophrenic man, seeking to find love
to uncover the mysteries of life. He is led by
guide, Selene, to a fantasy world where there is
death – only happiness and a lot of humour.
back on Earth a political and social crisis

About the Author

Greg Bauder has struggled with schizophrenia for
30 years. He has published in many magazines and has
a BA in English Literature from The University Of British
Columbia. He presently lives in Surrey, B.C., a large
suburb of Vancouver.

Book Extract

I started while writing and stopped. There was an Epiphany at my door. I opened my heart and Selene’s moon beams gushed in. I was awed as she sang sweet ocean air although I lived in a Vancouver suburb, Surrey. I loved her clean like I did in the last book. We rolled out to sea on the top of my pen, broken by waves of passion. When we stopped, my heart started again and my pen rose to get to the bottom of our love.
Whatever became of me, Don? It’s useless to ask questions only to ourselves, because we only learn by relating to others. But I still believe in Selene’s universal eye, and I long to touch intp her Heavenly source. She calls me again and again. She dreams in my sleep, giving me strength to write from the heart of my lonely room. But, when she leaves at the cherry-flavoured Dawn, I am asleep in temporary nihilism.

That’s why I thought I’d continue writing and learning about what happened to myself in the last book. Although Selene is ever present, I confess that after months of therapy I do not know whether she lead me into psychosis to test me, or into a virtual reality dream to sweeten my mundane life. I do know that my mind warped between different realities. It will be the trophy of this book to find out where I went right or wrong, in my desolate Gaian room.

Unfortunately, Ariel and Angus had passed away, although to where I do not know. That was the audacity of the last book, trying to reveal the truth when I hadn’t grasped it. So, my pen will work overtime to essay and justify the way of the universe to man. Or, if not, at least to those who care about the study of mankind even though it’s lowly me writing about it, in this book. So, my heart goes out of my lonely pen to lift the reality out of my dreams and to live in a world shared by others, rather than my selfish fantasy-land. I think that’s fair.

Ariel’s cousin, Dawn, was real after all, and I had actually met her in the last book. It was a kind of karma that Selene had manipulated to help bring us together spiritually. Dawn was in the hospital right now, as Selene had whispered to me in my strange, stark room. I had verified it by phoning the hospital earlier. Selene was psychic and real to me. That part of our relationship did not make me psychotic, because many believe we have angels and spirit guides. But, for me to think I had been made a lesser god, I swallowed hard but couldn’t stomach the notion because my arrogance made me sick.

I actually consider myself lucky. How many people get a second chance at a gone but memorable love affair? I hoped Dawn would be a ” Kissin’ Cousin”, as the Elvis song popped into my pen just now. I resolved to find out more about her condition from her Grandmother, Eleanor, whom I had seen several times since Ariel’s passing away. And Dawn did look like Ariel, which made my reality come alive. I probably would be in Selene City again if it weren’t for my potential of rising with the beautiful Dawn. My pen would be full of thoughts and feelings rushing through my mind and onto the page. I was excited and tired at the same time, and the next thing I knew I was snoozing on my desk. I awoke to the sound of a raising voice in my ear. It was Selene telling me to answer the phone. I received the call, and heard Ariel and Dawn’s Grandmother telling me Dawn was getting out of hospital today and would visit me as soon as possible. My heart rose with joy, and I said I was blessed to know Dawn. When we hung up, I was no longer hung up.

Selene whispered to me to treat Dawn as though she were a precious flower, needing lots of love and care. I promised her Dawn would feel like she was the queen rose in a rose garden.



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