The Mystery That Binds Me Still



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By Mickie R. Singer

ISBN: 978-1-84747-385-1
Published: 2008
Pages: 285
Key Themes: autobiography, humour, Bi-Polar, Panic, Anxiety, Attention Deficit, Obsessive Compulsive, Adjustment Disorder

About the Author

Mickie R. Singer is a writer, teacher, artist, storyteller and poet, depending on her mood or the angle of the sun. Haunted by a lifetime awareness that there was something wrong, she was over forty before her multiple mental illnesses were diagnosed. With Bi-Polar, Panic, Anxiety, Attention Deficit, Obsessive Compulsive and the more recently acquired Adjustment Disorder, she sometimes has limited ability to cope.


But in spite, and because, of these conditions, Mickie has lived a full, intriguing and often fun filled life. She is an eccentric and humorous person who enjoys the adventures of living even though the ravages of mental illness are a constant threat and have, at times, shut her down. This book is an account of all her experiences,some amazing, some amusing and some disastrous.
A former education director for the Mental Health Association of York County, Pennsylvania, the daughter of a mentally ill mother and an active mental health advocate, she is both personally and professionally knowledgable about the nature of mental illness. To affirm that a mentally ill individual can keep their spirit even when the black hole yawns is the inspiring intention of her book, to speak out against the stigma surrounding mental illness is her lifetime goal.


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