The Mindset of a Mental Patient (And a Few Lighter Asides)



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A Personal Poetic Journey Through The Mental Health Minefield
By Christopher Fairweather

ISBN: 978-1-84747-464-3
Published: 2008
Pages: 147
Key Themes: poetry, bullying, aspergers syndrome, depression, paranoia, hearing voices, obsessive compulsive disorder, prejudice, change


This book is a collection of poetry and prose, of seriousness and wit, of raw emotion and considered debate.
The book is designed to show to the reader what it is like to live with problems of mental health; how people with problems like this can be treated unfairly and with prejudice by those around them, and how that prejudice can affect the sufferer in the long term.

Essentially the book is trying to make the reader think, and educate them in what living with mental health problems can be like. The book also tries to change the way the uninitiated think about mental health problems.

About the Author

For some years now Christopher Fairweather has been writing poetry about his complex and varied experiences, both of illness and of other people, and he has been performing them in front of audiences at local poetry groups in the Hampshire area. These groups include the Salisbury Poetry Cafe, the Hanger Farm Poets corner in Totton, and the Test Valley Poets meetings each month. He has also performed further afield in Birmingham but this is his first published work which includes both poetry and other reflections.

1 review for The Mindset of a Mental Patient (And a Few Lighter Asides)

  1. Graeme Sandford (verified owner)

    Tony’s journey is still continuing. I’m just glad to have met such an inspirational person. His memory is phenomonal and his recitations always of the highest quality.

    This E-book lets you in on his life with Asperger’s and OCD in an intimately open way, and made me think all the more of him and what he has experienced to get where he is today.

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