The Magic of Africa



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By Maria Barkanyi Csavas

ISBN: 1-84747-4636
Published: 2007
Pages: 160
Key Themes: self-harm, mental health services, recovery, travel, Africa


The Magic of Africa is divided into the following sub-sections.


The countries. Benin, Nigeria, The Sudan and Kenya


The voice of Africa

The Eden of Africa

The countries, Each country is introduced with general information and a description of different ethnic groups. I recount some our adventures into the depths of the bush, black magic ceremonies, the everyday life of the villages, folk art, festivals and many other aspects.

Disease and The voice of Africa, These sections address the main problems with a view to drawing more attention to the problems of Africa.

The Eden of Africa, Natures untouched harmony can still be found here. It is impossible to forget the thrill of adventure and the beauty of the landscape. We had many encounters with wildlife. Africas unique flora and fauna are in urgent need of protection.

My aim is to prompt the reader to think again about the major problems of drought, famine, infected water, disease, poor hygiene and the lack of development, which still abound in Africa. Little has changed, even to this day.

The real focus of the book, however, is the people of Africa, whose lives are portrayed through this collection of beautiful photographs. These photos are touching, colourful, and truly transport the reader into The magic of Africa.

About the Author

We are Hungarian and until 1980, our life was the same as many others who live in big cities. My husband, the photographer worked for a company as an agricultural adviser in Budapest. His employer often sent him to abroad, to Iran, Nigeria, and The Sudan. In The Sudan, Darfur province, he worked for one year. I was a computer organizer and programmer in Budapest where we lived.

From 1980 our normal life completely changed when he got an assignment with the FAO and was sent to Nigeria as an agricultural adviser. From that year, I never worked again.

We spent ten years in Nigeria. My husband regularly travelled and visited the then 19 states of the country.
I was always interested in the life of the African people. Therefore most of the time joined my husband on his travels. We often went on tours to different African countries such as Benin, Niger, Egypt, Kenya as well as North Africa. Sometimes we spent more time in the four-wheel drive than in our home in Kaduna Northern Nigeria .

By 1990 we have said goodbye to Africa and settled down in Portugal. Five years later, we returned to Budapest. However currently living in Andalusia enjoying our retirement.

4 reviews for The Magic of Africa

  1. John Harley (verified owner)

    A great book and a thought provoking one as well, really explains the stress of life and how it can lead to self harm

  2. MaLuisas SChaves (verified owner)

    I am reading the book, “The Magic of Africa” by Maria Barkany Csavas and found it very interesting.

  3. Carolyn Hopwood … (verified owner)

    Our awareness of the many problems facing Africa has been heightened by numerous fund-raising events in recent years. This book not only provides an insight into these problems, but also looks at the more intimate aspects of daily life and culture. It’s a pity the photographs are black and white. If the book’s cover is anything to go by, coloured images would bring to life the vibrancy and mystique of Africa which have clearly made such a deep impression on the author.

  4. Marie Odile ….. (verified owner)

    The love of the authors (writer and photographer) for Africa is obvious in this book. It shows genuine Africa with its real and ancestral values adapted to the environment.
    Its acts as a counterbalance to those who have negative visions of Africa and persist that it is useless to do something for them. Of course, corruption, starvation ……… are real but one should also think beyond these misfortunes and dare to dream that Africans could get it by if they were helped and especially women because they have plenty of ideas and are admirable and noble in spite of theirs problems.
    This is the main reason why one should buy this book.

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