The Little Ranger


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By Mark Pallett

ISBN: 9781849910682
Published: 2009
Pages: 132
Key Themes: fiction, OCD, depression, self help


Mark has created a story and characters that resist adversity and strive to refocus positively, a message that resonates with mental health sufferers or anyone looking for inspiration to act in the face of negativity.
He wrote The Little Ranger as a fantasy fiction piece for older children, but primarily as a form of self help guide for sufferers of OCD, something with which he has had family experience. The young protagonist, Jay Silver, is part of a long line of Rangers famed warriors and protectors of the way of life in the forest in which they live. However, he has crippling self doubt that dogs his every move and thought. Jays quest to overcome this ailment, and unlock the extraordinary potential that dwells within him, is the focus of the novel.

About the Author

Mark Christopher Pallett was born in Kent, England, he completed a Bachelors Degree in English at the University of Leicester. Family experience has provided Mark with a unique insight into the useful coping mechanisms for overcoming OCD and reducing it to the level of harmless background noise. Mark currently lives in Bath.


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